Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I want to sit at your feet....

One of the themes I love to read about is transformation. The reason? The Bible teaches that, as a Christ-follower I can leave behind my dumpster of mistakes, regrets, hurts, and failures for a renewed mind and a transformed life. Nothing can be better than that. I envision my future as a life filled with God-given purpose, passion, adventure, forgiveness, health, relationships, and more!

In the song Christ for the Nations, we sang at church how we need to seek more of God and if we do we will find him and he will overwhelm us. I can hardly sing the words without tearing up.

I wanna sit at your feet,
drink from the cup in Your hand
Lay back against You and breathe, feel your heartbeat

CAN YOU IMAGINE??? Yes I am screaming now, oh my, I can’t even articulate what this means, how this would feel….and then sing….

This love is so deep,
its more that I can stand
I melt in Your peace,
its overwhelming…

I love the thought of melting, I know many times in my life, I just wanted to melt away into the safety of His loving arms, not to say I have wanted to die, I just want to feel His heartbeat, I want to know He is real, I want more, I want answers to the why’s of life. The beauty of the Holy Spirit is that is what He does. He dwells within us, he feels our pain, our anguish and he shares our excitement, He holds us up and fills us up, when no one else can. WOW is this not all too much to comprehend? I looked up the definition of overwhelmed, to see how I could best use this definition of love when I am sharing with others.

overwhelm |ˌōvərˈ(h)welm
bury or drown beneath a huge mass : Christ’s love can cover us and those around us.
defeat completely : His love overwhelmed the enemy!

There were other definitions too, but they all used encompassing, overpowering, inundating…I WANT to be overwhelmed by HIS love and it is my prayer that we ALL can share with others the overwhelming acceptance, love, peace and the beauty of grace with others as we go into all the world, here in our neighborhoods and in our workplaces and in every situation where God intends to use us!


  1. This was such an encouragement to me!! I was trying to find the verse in the Bible where it talks about being the hands and feet of Jesus and your blog popped up in my google search! I love that worship song too :) What an amazing thing God has given us...love


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