Monday, April 6, 2009

happy Birthday Jussi

Yesterday was Jussi's birthday, and although he is another year older he never seems to catch up to me. It was a great day at church, the sun was so nice and warm and we got some things done outside and inside. We have been challenged lately in the area of time. It seems that priorities for us vs priorities for the kingdom, vs priorities for work, vs time for family. Some days we just go and go, and never really stop and think about the allotments we have subconsciously made.

Of course we all know there are only 24 hours in a day and we chose to sleep a good part of them LOL, but are we using the waking hours how we should?
Or rephrased are we saving any hours for the kingdom.

We struggle with time here at home. In Haiti we lived in an event centered culture so we took off our watches when we arrived and put them back on only a few months ago, when we realized we needed them here to keep track of committments.

I like the no watch thing. In Haiti walking from home to work, you would encounter several people who stop to talk, and share, and sometimes ask for help. We would have time for prayer because working for the Lord, was all about relationship, so if we were a few minutes late because we listened to some persons burden "pa gen pwoblm". Not a problem. Living in NA society we need to work to survive, and work does dictate a huge portion of our day. So how can we make more time. I go to work early so I am able to share about Haiti and re connect with people I have not seen in awhile. It is a perfect avenue. I am not suggesting leaving the country so you have something to talk about....but again time spent with people, opens doors for sharing. I think the adage of time well spent will never clearly be defined, but I am glad the Holy Spirit prompts us to remember we were created to share with others, listen to others, be a friend.

So if the next time we meet I am rushing around doing errands, remind me that I still work for God...and He is not interested in the amounts completed or produced but in the process of getting the job done. Errands without a kind word misses opportunities to share with a bunch of new people and friends.

Better run off to work, I know some old friends are there, Have a super day! Gotta luve the sun!

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