Monday, April 20, 2009


Spring is somewhat just around the corner, and with spring comes new growth in the garden, new life, the hummingbirds, and a definite wardrobe change.
It is still quite chilly in the mornings and I struggle to decide whether to be cold and then just right in the afternoons or toasty in the mornings and too hot later in the day.
Today as I look out the window I see the hummingbirds do the dance of democracy or turn taking whatever it is, the alders have leaves, the garden is springing up, and I rejoice in God's incredible creations.

We live in a beautiful nation, province and home, nothing can compare to the beauty we see each day as we look outside. My concern is that I don't miss the work in each creation and its purpose.
Can you imagine God's thought process and how He decided to create the heavens and the earth. Wow that was more than a few day's work. Funny how we take for granted the little details of all that God has created....
Today as I drive off to Cumberland to go to work, I pray I can see the beauty of each little creation and bask in the wonder and awe, that He created it for.
My goal for the week to not just wait for spring but watch for spring and revel in the excitement of new!!

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