Friday, May 22, 2009

I took the shortcuts...and now I am going to journey with the Lord

This morning in our devotions we were reminded and challenged. It was on the process of sanctification, or what I would call my walk or growth. I was reminded that being saved was neither an event or a quick fix. I think I took the path longer than necessary, the one with the short cuts that were not really short.
Challenged to understand God's plan for growth, challenged to understand God's desire that we do not opt for comfort or complacency. Learning to walk in God's ways meaning, we can live content and obedient lives for His purpose for His glory.
The biggest challenges...answering the questions.
Have you noticed any changes in your life since you were saved? That was one easy. YES.
Can you detect spiritual growth over the last year?
Yikes, as I dug for examples I could. (Notice I said dug...wasn't coming to mind immediately)
It was the question of "continuous effort" that had me praying for the Father to mature me. I want to read more scripture, and I want to take it in...not just read....sometimes something grabs me, but for the most part I read. Then I think a short minute, and then go about my day. I want to read with new eyes, and I want to be able to deepen my understanding of the bible.
So here goes... Embarking on a new (spiritual) year so that next year I don't have to dig for examples of growth!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Field of Souls

Field of Souls ..Lyrics by Wayne Walton

We work the field of souls
Together you and I
Some fields are blooming now
Other fields are dry
We are not the same
But differences aside
We will work the field of souls
Together you and I

One is off to foreign soil
To work a distant land
Another anchors close to home
To hold a neighbor's hand
Who has served the Father most
And who has labored best
That life devoted to our God
That devotion will be blessed

One shouts the gospel in the streets
For everyone to hear
He's bold to everyone he meets
The Word is loud and clear
Another cries alone and prays
In silence on her knees
Before the throne day after day
Where human eyes don't see

I love this song and I don't want to ever forget
that outside the door of my house the mission
field begins! I am thankful for those that can be
bold and for those that spend time on their knees
in prayer. God knows each of our strengths and
calls us to use them for His glory!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love how the American church use their bulletin boards to invoke a smile, or a thought. Recently while in the US I saw one that had me thinking.


All the way home I continued to ponder what I was doing here on earth, and then wondering was it going to matter when I got to heaven. Then back to the what I was doing...
a) could I do more?
b) was I doing what I was called to do?
c) was I sharing about Jesus at every opportunity?
d) did I live my life according to the biblical principles and Godly behavior that I knew so well?

I wish I could say all of the above, but I think that is part of what is exciting about living with Christ. I anticipate great things, I am expectant of the great things, and I most of all I am calling in the signs and wonders of biblical times for our times. I am a work in progress and I need to get on it!! But God is working in the lives of our church family all the time.

I am excited to hear the testimonies each Sunday at church and it is so amazing to be part of the signs and wonders of our time. Keep is all part of God's plan to cement our FAITH!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Knock Off Sham WOW

Well after a few weeks of sun, it is nice to get some rain to water the gardens. I am shocked at how much the grass can grow in a week. We keep cutting the lawn and it it never seems to look short. It is amazing how God's creation of rain can bring out the flowers. Each day I notice something in bloom, when the rain breaks for a minute or two, the bees come out, although I have not seen much of the hummingbirds in the downpours. The car is filthy because we live on a gravel road....remember the days Kels! But...Chocko the dog has a great rain story...
The biggest source of learning for us this week is how much water one cocker spaniel can collect. Our newest addition,we have had for two days and he is like sham wow in the grass. We can literally wring him out. Next week he is going to get groomed and some of his beautiful blonde locks will come off, but for now we could use a little sunshine to dry up all the rain and the dog. He sure is a great dog!