Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I love how the American church use their bulletin boards to invoke a smile, or a thought. Recently while in the US I saw one that had me thinking.


All the way home I continued to ponder what I was doing here on earth, and then wondering was it going to matter when I got to heaven. Then back to the what I was doing...
a) could I do more?
b) was I doing what I was called to do?
c) was I sharing about Jesus at every opportunity?
d) did I live my life according to the biblical principles and Godly behavior that I knew so well?

I wish I could say all of the above, but I think that is part of what is exciting about living with Christ. I anticipate great things, I am expectant of the great things, and I most of all I am calling in the signs and wonders of biblical times for our times. I am a work in progress and I need to get on it!! But God is working in the lives of our church family all the time.

I am excited to hear the testimonies each Sunday at church and it is so amazing to be part of the signs and wonders of our time. Keep sharing..it is all part of God's plan to cement our FAITH!

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