Friday, May 15, 2009

Field of Souls

Field of Souls ..Lyrics by Wayne Walton

We work the field of souls
Together you and I
Some fields are blooming now
Other fields are dry
We are not the same
But differences aside
We will work the field of souls
Together you and I

One is off to foreign soil
To work a distant land
Another anchors close to home
To hold a neighbor's hand
Who has served the Father most
And who has labored best
That life devoted to our God
That devotion will be blessed

One shouts the gospel in the streets
For everyone to hear
He's bold to everyone he meets
The Word is loud and clear
Another cries alone and prays
In silence on her knees
Before the throne day after day
Where human eyes don't see

I love this song and I don't want to ever forget
that outside the door of my house the mission
field begins! I am thankful for those that can be
bold and for those that spend time on their knees
in prayer. God knows each of our strengths and
calls us to use them for His glory!

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