Friday, May 22, 2009

I took the shortcuts...and now I am going to journey with the Lord

This morning in our devotions we were reminded and challenged. It was on the process of sanctification, or what I would call my walk or growth. I was reminded that being saved was neither an event or a quick fix. I think I took the path longer than necessary, the one with the short cuts that were not really short.
Challenged to understand God's plan for growth, challenged to understand God's desire that we do not opt for comfort or complacency. Learning to walk in God's ways meaning, we can live content and obedient lives for His purpose for His glory.
The biggest challenges...answering the questions.
Have you noticed any changes in your life since you were saved? That was one easy. YES.
Can you detect spiritual growth over the last year?
Yikes, as I dug for examples I could. (Notice I said dug...wasn't coming to mind immediately)
It was the question of "continuous effort" that had me praying for the Father to mature me. I want to read more scripture, and I want to take it in...not just read....sometimes something grabs me, but for the most part I read. Then I think a short minute, and then go about my day. I want to read with new eyes, and I want to be able to deepen my understanding of the bible.
So here goes... Embarking on a new (spiritual) year so that next year I don't have to dig for examples of growth!

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