Thursday, May 7, 2009

Knock Off Sham WOW

Well after a few weeks of sun, it is nice to get some rain to water the gardens. I am shocked at how much the grass can grow in a week. We keep cutting the lawn and it it never seems to look short. It is amazing how God's creation of rain can bring out the flowers. Each day I notice something in bloom, when the rain breaks for a minute or two, the bees come out, although I have not seen much of the hummingbirds in the downpours. The car is filthy because we live on a gravel road....remember the days Kels! But...Chocko the dog has a great rain story...
The biggest source of learning for us this week is how much water one cocker spaniel can collect. Our newest addition,we have had for two days and he is like sham wow in the grass. We can literally wring him out. Next week he is going to get groomed and some of his beautiful blonde locks will come off, but for now we could use a little sunshine to dry up all the rain and the dog. He sure is a great dog!

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