Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Living in a tree rather than within the trees...

This morning I realized how much housework consumes time. I love being outside and being in the garden is my happy place, so being inside is painful for me. For years we have been blessed with a great house and lots of room for extra kids, potlucks and summer fun. Now as Jussi and I share the same space that was once full of laughter and extra smiling faces, it seems big. This is not empty nest syndrome, we are not sad or feeling empty, just realizing if the house is empty it still needs to be cleaned and requires upkeep. LOL.

Not that this is a eureka moment it just never occurred to us that the space we didn't use would need cleaning. So I the cleaner majority, think Jussi's idea of living in a treehouse might just be simpler. I am sure 300 sq ft, would be easy to keep clean, but the trade off would be not being able to have great parties and summer BBQ's, and we love having people over! On second thought maybe a great weekend retreat in the treehouse. I can escape the housework, and still have a great house to have people over. Now to find some plans...building a treehouse would be right up Jussi's alley. While he is busy building I can plan a summer party. YEAH!

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  1. I live in a RV small space to clean and all our parties are outdoors...so who needs a house??