Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reason... the good the bad or the ugly

reason |ˈrēzən|
1 a cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event :
• good or obvious cause to do something :
2 the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic : there is a close connection between reason and emotion.
• what is right, practical, or possible; common sense : people are willing, within reason,
• ( one's reason) one's sanity : she is in danger of losing her reason.

Okay so I was trying to understand the word reason and why we use reasons for not engaging in evangelism and or missions and to explain the whys or why nots of our situations.
Now the last part of the definition is particularly interesting because I think I have been in danger of losing my reason many times. This would not be the time to yell an AMEN while reading. I understand the words as they are broken down...
danger...scary, be careful, warn your children
losing...sad, bottom of the pack..never feels good to lose
reason...cause, process of logic, the connection between emotion and reason Am I losing my sanity? Yeah I know, not the first time I have questioned it, but as I try and grapple with the message this morning of change, I realize that perhaps it is easier to disconnect between practical and common sense, and go with the insanity plea.

Then BAM or BANG or whatever verb you want to use hit me. Slow but nevertheless it hit me. It was my connection with emotion and reason that has consumed me. I ache for the mission field, I understand outside the door of my house is the mission field. But that doesn't feed me or quench the thirst I have for Haiti. I yearn for direction and for the process of taking the next step. My emotions about missions is so strong I think maybe I lose my process of logic. Yes I understand the need for finances, medical issues and all things in our lives to be stable, but I want to ROCK THE BOAT!

I know the good or obvious cause to do something. I realize that God has been placing other people groups on our hearts and as we center our lives on Him, He will reveal His plan for our future. Which brings me my next word crisis...what exactly is patience and can I twist the words of Webster to make it take less time for me. Okay, okay, I know I have already been reminded today that patience is a virtue. But like the commercial I could say "it is not my forte".
I am all about stepping out of the boat, living by faith and rocking it a bit along the way. I will keep you posted. Thanks to all those that read and to those that encourage me to babble on.

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