Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Considering Change

So you ever wonder when to consider change? Strange thing is when Jussi and I have been looking for work, we realized that we are in an age bracket where change can be a serious consideration.
There are books after books about mid life career changes. I know funny thing to blog about but if you are not looking for work, you don't realize how many people are unemployed in our age bracket. Apparently we are the beginning of a ten year age span that are being discriminated against. That too was funny for us, we thought we had so much experience, but after looking on line at all the job bank jobs, the overwhelming number of employers wanted people with under 5 years of experience. I guess us old guys are set in our ways.
Also if you ever wonder why people are leaving Ontario and Quebec, just check out the wages for tradesman etc. The journeyman in Alberta can make in some cases over $30 or $40 more per hour. Jussi even found a job paying $86.30 per hour. Even with taxes you would be making $2000.00 a week.
So it comes down to the questions of mid life career changes, getting more education, and considering working elsewhere. If Jussi could be anything in the world I would guess it would be a pilot or a scientist, if I could be anything I suppose a travel writer/photographer, or possibly a community outreach nurse. Funny how things change as we age.....
Today think about what you are doing for a living and pray a prayer of thanks that you are doing what you love. We both love our jobs and would be happy to continue to stay in the same professions, but it was fun to consider change. Kind of like winning 32 million, fun to consider the spending ops.
This could be a whole new blog posting, what would you do with 32 million?

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  1. 32 mil? Get lazer eye surgery and give the rest away. OH to wake up in the morning and look out the window at God's given day without groping for my glasses... so I can find the bathroom... so I can find my contacts. Gill:)