Friday, July 24, 2009

God's Goodness and Blessings

It has been six weeks or so since we have both been working. We have had tons to do and so it has been great to get the gardens and farm cleaned up and organized. It has been a testimony to God's provision. We have wanted for nothing. Our family is different from many, in that we are ALL really close and we can't find a word to say how blessed we really are.
Where would be without Jesus in our lives. Each day we would "worry" and quite honestly feel "inadequate" because job hunting was different for people that had done one occupation for the last twenty years and over forty.

It was the worrying that brought us to the realization that we were forgetting the single biggest gift we had learned from our time in Haiti "faith". God had grown us in faith as we needed to lean on Him. Faith was our cornerstone, daily as we struggled with missing family and trying to learn a new language, adapt to living with a large group of people, having visitors (strangers) in our home all the time; it seemed we always came back to faith. Faith to step out had brought us to Haiti, faith brought our finances in, faith had kept us going on tough days, faith was what we learned and saw first hand in our Haitian brothers and sisters. Faith, faith, faith, large as life, for huge things and for little things.

So as we sat and applied for jobs and considered change, the Holy Spirit convicted us to stop worrying. We prayed for the Lord to work in us, and no sooner then we had asked the Lord revealed the importance of His goodness, grace, His provision, the blessings of family, and living a faith filled life.
Don't you hate it when you get so caught up in survival mode, that you forget
to trust in the Lord, have faith bigger than a mustard seed, and lose sleep because you worry.

A week ago we shared the grief of losing a baby with our daughter Kelsey and Jason. God had created a miracle for our family and they were expecting in Feb of 2010. We had celebrated the anticipated arrival of our Olympic baby. God called the baby home last week, before we could hold her and celebrate her birth. It was a sad time for everyone, we all need to continue to lift up Kelsey and Jason in prayer. It was a time of saddness, mourning and reflection. From all the families we are thankful for the prayers.
Jussi and I have realized how important our family is in times of crisis, how we need to have faith that God is in control, and how blessed we are to have such an amazing church family too.
We realized that work pays the bills, it doesn't run our lives. So thankfully we continue to LIVE life, Jussi is back to work, and once again the Lord has provided.
I was Holy Spirit directed to Psalm 13 this last week...
...verses5-6 I've thrown myself headlong into your arms—
I'm celebrating your rescue.
I'm singing at the top of my lungs,
I'm so full of answered prayers.
The Message

In Memory of baby Jada Grace, we look forward to meeting you in Heaven one day!

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