Saturday, August 8, 2009

Looking for the Open Door Northgate Leadership Conference 2009

It is exciting to us to be part of our Northgate family pursuing the word of God, especially when it comes to leadership. Today was a great day, and as we came together from 3 campuses to learn and to seek, one thing was clear, being a Sunday church person was easy, being a follower of Christ was way harder.
It was evident to us that stepping out the boat was a step of faith, but we had done that before, and the blessings were overwhelmingly in our favor. Haiti is for us a memory that can be retrieved in an instant. We have Haitian friends we talk to via email and we ache for our family in Christ as they struggle with day to day life. It was a time of faith building and learning.

It is the learning curve that maybe what God has for us is right around the corner or maybe years away that seems hard. We feel called, we know that God has called us out of our comfort zone, but when and where are still up in the air. Have you walked through a hallway and all the doors are closed and you are looking for the open door, that was promised would be there, and you can't seem to find it. It is like being in a maze and trying to make sense of the door numbers or the colors, the bottom line is, there an answer and when we get to the right spot, we will see the door.
Now I don't know about you but when I am in long hallways looking for a certain room I am ansty, impatient and somewhat on edge. Ever try and find a consulate, medical or law office is a huge building full of long hallways, full of a maze of doors? This is what it feels like for us as we wait for God to show us the door. Even if it was open a crack, Jussi says we would see it. But where is it?
I loved the analogy we heard today of the pony in the hole (had to be there) basically, when you are stuck, shake it off, step it up, and make it happen.
Another fave, tell God to BRING IT ON, and be prepared for what and when he tells you to do.
So the deal is....we are still waiting to see the open door, and we are ready to tell God to Bring It On.... who knows where this is going to go...for the affirmation that it is okay to have a healthy discontent...we give our yes.

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  1. Hey Thanks for sharing that. I wasn't able to be there but I am encouraged in the mere reminder of 'bring it on'.

    Love your blogging, Love you!