Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twitter and Facebook - Calling you into Missions

I read an interesting article on Twitter and using it for the advancement of the Kingdom and specifically in regards to missions. I have a twitter account but I will be honest, I only signed up to enter for a free camera LOL. So I am not a fun twitter person. I can't get my head around telling people about my every move. That and the fact I live in Merville and lead a rather dull life, free from city excitement, daily work ups and downs, I couldn't for the life of me, think who would want to read my posts.
...weeding in the garden, I hate weeding...or taking the dog out for a walk, saw a really cool, cloud formation....feels like rain. So I was intrigued how I could encourage others into missions through technology.

I am a person that encourages and can touch base with friends on Facebook, but I am working on updating my status, for over a year, I never updated it , and then maybe once a month, down to once a week, and now I am trying harder. Do you really care what I am thinking?
Twitter seemed like one more thing to do on the computer, then I read this post! (it has been paraphrased for length)

Who Is God Calling out from Your Tribe?

In your mind's eye, look out over your church, your Facebook friend list, your friends from work. See their faces, their lives. Dream about their futures. Who might God be calling to take some new steps of obedience to the Great Commission?

Ask God how he might want you to envision, equip, and encourage them on their journeys. Ask him to show you.

1. You know your tribe best.

I'd totally love to talk to your people and tell them cool stuff they could do to join in God's purposes. But let's face it, you know them way better than I do. And while I'm hanging out with my family a month from now, you'll still be living life with your peeps, walking through trials, celebrating success, and building authority in relationship.

2. No invitation, no RSVP. (My FAVE)

I have a hunch, that people tend to do what they're invited to do. While God certainly can call a person entirely by putting an idea in their heart and mind, most often he calls through others and through the communities we've linked up with.

If so, a key prayer for mobilizers is, "God, help me understand what you're asking of us, both corporately and individually. Give me eyes to see where you're taking us." Then as God unveils his purposes, find good ways to pass them along. www.calebresources.org

So maybe I need to make the effort on Twitter. I will keep you posted. I love my tribe, you guys are the best! So for newest Twitter post...off to town and do some things for the Step into Action Fun Run!

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