Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Many have asked us about God's leading in our lives recently so I thought it was time to share. We have been watching God work and sat fascinated watching and not participating as He was putting things in order for us to serve overseas again. We thought that God would give us a passion for a people group and show us His will. Secretly we prayed it would be going back to Haiti, but He had other plans.
Years ago God showed both Jussi and I, Africa. We talked about it and thought it was maybe after Haiti and years down the road once we were ready. The funny part we never really understood or took a moment to define ready. This last summer after searching many organizations in Haiti and other parts of the world, we decided that for now we were supposed to be here in North America.
As we carried on with life in NA we were settled to stay here but had an urgency that we could not put a label on. We knew, we knew, we knew, that missions would be in our future but tried to dispel the hunger we felt and worked on being content here at home.
It was during this time that God was putting the proverbial ducks in a row, and not showing us the map or the destination. We shared at church on a Sunday as requested by our Pastor that God was calling us to Africa but we didn't know where or when. He had shown us a passion for child soldiers and the rehabilitation that was taking place, but we had more questions than answers.
So we stood before our church family and shared that we were burdened, we were seeking His will, and we were ready to go. It was this public declaration that started our journey to Uganda. Within 24 hours of declaring our "YES" to whenever, whatever, and where ever, God showed us Uganda.
A land locked country in Eastern Africa, surrounded by three of the countries we had been burdened for, Sudan, Rwanda, and Congo.
Our step of faith has been confirmed and our future now becomes an open book. We are excited to see what God has for us and will be intentionally seeking God's appointed place for us in Uganda.

Some of asked when, and our answer is still whenever He makes it clear. We hope to make a trip in the spring to seek His mininstries for us.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 50th Mom and Dad

This weekend we are celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary. It is going to be great to have my brothers and their families and our three kids and grandkids home for at least one night.
My parents married at the United Church in Courtenay, on October 3, 1959. Their reception was at the Native Sons Hall and their wedding colors were green and yellow. Most of the wedding party were contacted and tracked down so it will be a great time for my parents to see family and friends. We have also invited the lady that threw mom's bridal shower. School friends, friends from Port Hardy and from the valley, lots of family, all together Saturday afternoon to celebrate.
Entertainment is typical Yrjana fashion, Nick is singing, and Jussi and Colleen will resurrect the Evolution of Dance.
Thanks to Gill and Ruthie for helping get it ALL together.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Christian or Hamburger.....mmm foor for thought.

Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to McDonalds makes you a hamburger. Food for thought!

A 2007 survey identified the following five typical categories:

  • Active Christians: Committed to attending church, Bible reading, and sharing their faith that salvation comes through Jesus Christ. They also accept leadership positions in their church.
  • Professing Christians: Are also committed to "accepting Christ as Savior and Lord" as the key to being a Christian, but focus on personal relationships with God and Jesus more than on church, Bible reading or sharing faith
  • Liturgical Christians: High level of spiritual activity, mainly expressed by attending and recognizing the authority of the church, and by serving in it or in the community.
  • Private Christians: Believe in God and in doing good things, but not within a church context. In the American survey, this was the largest and youngest segment.
  • Cultural Christians: Do not view Jesus as essential to salvation. They are the least likely to align their beliefs or practices with biblical teachings or to attend church. They favor a universality theology that sees many ways to God.[4
I want to be known as an active Christian. I am thrilled that God gives us opportunities to share in regular day to day chats with others in our workplaces and schools. I like the joke above though, because being a Christian is not just about going to church on Sunday, it is so much more.

It is about reaping what we sow, which can be bounty and blessings, it is about sharing and encouraging our gifts within the church. It is about worship, praise, evangelism and prayer, and the power that God can unleash in ; when you say "YES" to be an active member of the army of God.
I challenge everyone as we kick-off the new ministry year...get involved. As you see all the different ministries look and pray where God would have you. There is a place for everyone. Churches around the country are looking for servants, check your home church, look for your place. You will be blessed more than you wildly can imagine!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This Saturday do not miss 5K FunRun for Ghana. You can make a difference in the life of child! Join us by walking or running 100% of all $15 registration monies will be sent to Ghana to help with school supplies, food and uniforms. If it is too much physically, come down and cheer on the runners and support the concession. This is a day to sow into a life far removed from yours but connected by the Kingdom. Registerations and donations accepted at the church office. Northgate Foursquare 250 334 2727

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Following God's Heart

It is exciting to see people walking out what God has planned for their lives, but even more exciting when it is your family. Jason and Kelsey have an amazing youth ministry, they have great friends and are surrounded by family. That is why it is so thrilling for Jussi and I to see them walk out God's stirrings in their hearts and leave all that. As Jason prepares for life as a full time student in bible college and Kelsey a new job, and the opportunities for more education.

It makes us sad that they will be moving away but now we will have both Nick and Kelsey in Vancouver; a city we love to visit!
As they prepare their hearts for leaving and for leaving their ministries, we can only cover them in prayer. They have poured into the youth of our church and community and the youth can tell stories of the importance of Jay and Kels in their lives. It will be just as difficult for them to leave the youth as it will be for some of the youth to see them go.
To see a nation changed for Christ and mentor the next generation will be a calling that follows them, and we are excited to see how God will do just that!

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, September 3, 2009


One would think today's posting is about baseball but it is about life. Some days I think life would be boring if everything was easy and the same, but then other days I see curveballs coming my way and I want to duck.

God calls us to catch the curve balls or at least take a swing at them. I am not a baseball player but I am one of God's children so I should have some skill and or bounce effect when it comes to curve balls. But do I?

Today as I was working on changing over our email address I realized how many people we had met along the way in Haiti and friends of Haiti. Prayer supporters, Starfish Kids parents and the list was endless.

Curveballs have a distinct spin or drop at the end that makes them somewhat harder to hit. It was near the end of 46 pages of inputting email addresses that I realized today's curveball. I had sent over 200 emails with a link connecting to the wrong email address. Now if you mail it to one person you can easily let them know you made a mistake, but over 200...I was panicked. I took a deep breath contemplating and praying that I would not react in stress and frustration. I was thankful that God was in control of the game today because I needed to touch base with many people and didn't need the enemy trying for a foulball.
That is the beauty of taking time to pray for the little things, like cyber space issues. God desires to be there for us and give us strength when we feel like we are failures. Today I was able to correct the emails, after they had been sent. Thanks to God and Yahoo. I tried to not let the enemy get in and mess with mind... (well maybe for a short time) God was in my park today and I hit the curveball! Relationships are important to me, and keeping in touch with people, so praise the LORD it was fixed without resending. I am thankful I could praise him in the valley when things were not going my way and that He proved He had my back by fixing it, and answering my prayers. I am thankful for email and the ability to keep up with friends! Yeah God!