Thursday, September 3, 2009


One would think today's posting is about baseball but it is about life. Some days I think life would be boring if everything was easy and the same, but then other days I see curveballs coming my way and I want to duck.

God calls us to catch the curve balls or at least take a swing at them. I am not a baseball player but I am one of God's children so I should have some skill and or bounce effect when it comes to curve balls. But do I?

Today as I was working on changing over our email address I realized how many people we had met along the way in Haiti and friends of Haiti. Prayer supporters, Starfish Kids parents and the list was endless.

Curveballs have a distinct spin or drop at the end that makes them somewhat harder to hit. It was near the end of 46 pages of inputting email addresses that I realized today's curveball. I had sent over 200 emails with a link connecting to the wrong email address. Now if you mail it to one person you can easily let them know you made a mistake, but over 200...I was panicked. I took a deep breath contemplating and praying that I would not react in stress and frustration. I was thankful that God was in control of the game today because I needed to touch base with many people and didn't need the enemy trying for a foulball.
That is the beauty of taking time to pray for the little things, like cyber space issues. God desires to be there for us and give us strength when we feel like we are failures. Today I was able to correct the emails, after they had been sent. Thanks to God and Yahoo. I tried to not let the enemy get in and mess with mind... (well maybe for a short time) God was in my park today and I hit the curveball! Relationships are important to me, and keeping in touch with people, so praise the LORD it was fixed without resending. I am thankful I could praise him in the valley when things were not going my way and that He proved He had my back by fixing it, and answering my prayers. I am thankful for email and the ability to keep up with friends! Yeah God!

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