Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Many have asked us about God's leading in our lives recently so I thought it was time to share. We have been watching God work and sat fascinated watching and not participating as He was putting things in order for us to serve overseas again. We thought that God would give us a passion for a people group and show us His will. Secretly we prayed it would be going back to Haiti, but He had other plans.
Years ago God showed both Jussi and I, Africa. We talked about it and thought it was maybe after Haiti and years down the road once we were ready. The funny part we never really understood or took a moment to define ready. This last summer after searching many organizations in Haiti and other parts of the world, we decided that for now we were supposed to be here in North America.
As we carried on with life in NA we were settled to stay here but had an urgency that we could not put a label on. We knew, we knew, we knew, that missions would be in our future but tried to dispel the hunger we felt and worked on being content here at home.
It was during this time that God was putting the proverbial ducks in a row, and not showing us the map or the destination. We shared at church on a Sunday as requested by our Pastor that God was calling us to Africa but we didn't know where or when. He had shown us a passion for child soldiers and the rehabilitation that was taking place, but we had more questions than answers.
So we stood before our church family and shared that we were burdened, we were seeking His will, and we were ready to go. It was this public declaration that started our journey to Uganda. Within 24 hours of declaring our "YES" to whenever, whatever, and where ever, God showed us Uganda.
A land locked country in Eastern Africa, surrounded by three of the countries we had been burdened for, Sudan, Rwanda, and Congo.
Our step of faith has been confirmed and our future now becomes an open book. We are excited to see what God has for us and will be intentionally seeking God's appointed place for us in Uganda.

Some of asked when, and our answer is still whenever He makes it clear. We hope to make a trip in the spring to seek His mininstries for us.


  1. Hi, Colleen - you found my blog so I'm looking yours up! :) What mission board are you going with? Where in Uganda? What kind of ministries? We're with Action International Ministries, going to Gulu... I'd love to hear more! :) -Abby

  2. Wow, don't chat for a day or so and look what happens! Waiting and watching to see where God leads you.
    Love and prayers,
    Kim (for Glen too)