Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelsey

Celebrations that last for a week, that is Kelsey's plan. She loves birthdays. She loves all holidays and she is infectious, when she is excited about birthdays everyone is excited. Hope you have a great weekend and fun on Monday! We love ya and we are so proud of the young women you have become. Don't ever lose your zeal for parties and celebrations, your love of life, and your hope in Christ. You are a gift and a friend to all that know you. We will always watch from afar now that you are married but we are still your mom and dad and we will never leave your corner. Whatever you are called to do, where ever you are called to, we will be there cheering you on. Seeing the anointing on your life and all that God has in store is such a gift to us as parents. We are blessed to call you our daughter.
PS yes Nick we loved you longer LOL

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