Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thankful for our Pastoral Team

It seems like October is once again upon us and it seems like it was only yesterday we were talking about Pastor Appreciation. I wish there was a way we could spread it out, so that all year long, someone is sending notes of appreciation or dropping by with a treat or encouraging word.
In our home church we are very blessed to have such an amazing team of God centered, faith filled, obedient servants. I am sure some days God looks down and sees our team and says "Wow" that team got stacked. (for literary reasons I will omit that He has ordered the steps and made His plans for our church)
I remember being in school and wondering why some teams always seemed to be better and out weighed the other team in either strength, agility, or brains, depending on the contest. It always seemed like I was on the wrong team, I was competitive and wanted to be on the winning team at all costs.

Praise the Lord I have grown up and love to surround myself with all kinds of people and have no desire to see a win. Now I am content to be one of the team and overjoyed at the team I and we (Jussi and I) are on.
May we continue to realize the potential of the team and God's purpose for each of you. As we step into another fall and plan our strategies for the coming year don't forget encouragement, thankfulness, honor, and praise. Each of us has a different team at work and at school, at church and at the arena or playing field, but all of us have the opportunity to be a blessing to others. So as a way to bless your pastors all year long, be a team builder and bless someone in your life each and every day. It won't be long before you see them blessing someone else and so on, and so on...

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