Monday, November 9, 2009

Restoration through HIM

God has used me in the last few days to cry for the lost, love strangers unconditionally and to capture the hurt of those in the sex trade and burn it into my soul like a picture. I have lived a predictable life, a life of status quo, not rich, not poor, working, raising kids, protected by a safety net and in all things family and friends to help me when I was in trouble.
I never had to stand in a food line up, wonder about where I was sleeping, or work a job for the money that in a job that compromised my values. This last weekend I had time to spend with four young women involved in the sex trade. I loved them, with smiles, chats, water, snacks and moments of laughter and reminders that Jesus loved them and so did I. They did not understand how valued they were and that Jesus would meet them and us right where we are. It was so awesome for me to share and have them tell me I was being a mom. God has planted seeds and now I pray for the water"er" and the sun to shine upon them. God has clothed the young women in His protection and now I pray for those that God will put in their path in the next while. Please join in me in praying for all those that work in an industry such as this, and that God will send someone to shine HIS light for restoration, grace, mercy, forgiveness and love. If everyone told two friends to shine and everyone did it, could you imagine the impact...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pray for us as we go!

A group of ladies from our home church have been give an amazing opportunity. We are traveling to Vancouver to be part of a convention/trade show. The show is called Taboo a 'sex show". I am not telling you this because of sensationalism but because I am asking for prayer support. We are logistically able to be in contact with over 55,000 people that will come through the door during the event.
HE is in control...we are ready to hear YOUR word Lord, to share with hearts you have prepared. We are willing to show love, grace and pray for every person that comes by the booth. We stand in awe at the favor in being able to have a booth and give out bibles at such an event. Please pray for our entire team for spiritual protection for our hearts and minds, and for health and traveling mercies.