Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti in Criisis

Still many news reports of Haiti and all the damage, loss of life and emotional pleas from families too numerous to mention. We were one of the families, crying out all night to Twitter , Facebook and people we had never met, trying to get any news of the area where we had family. We have heard now that they are safe. Not such good news for so many others. Please continue to pray for those on the front lines and for the thousands of families that have lost loved ones. We are heading down tomorrow and will be in contact with Haiti and trying to figure out what we can do. Donations can be made to help with many relief organizations and if you would like to help friends of ours, God Littlest Angels at
click on the Canada link if you are here at home...
They are 83 little ones to care for, PTL their buildings are intact.

Continue to send prayers, as this will be another long night. The future of Haiti rests in the hands of other nations, willing to get involved and make it happen.

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