Monday, January 11, 2010

Here today but my heart is already gone....

As we ready and get the last few days of work under our belts, I am reminded of the incredible purpose for our up coming trip. We have always needed time with our family to discuss all that God has for us and what and when and where and how that looks for our farm and our family the bigger picture. This trip is all about seeing the endless possibilities that are in front of us. We have a passion for Africa and for the children affected by war in Northern Uganda, we know of amazing organizations that are working to create a safe place, a place of refuge and restoration, a place that teaches about grace, mercy, forgiveness and skills to change tomorrow. It is that excitement to see God walk out in us His plan for 2010, that gives me Holy Spirit goosebumps. Yes, He can use me and you and take ordinary people out of their comfort zone to a place and a time that you never thought possible. We anxiously await this vacation but we also wait on baited breath for the decisions made for our future and the peace with family to embark on another great adventure. Blessings more from the sun of the beautiful Dominican Republic. C

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  1. I'm excited for you but still trying to figure out where you're headed and why. It's a relaxing vacation? Putting feelers out vacation? I'd love more info:) I'm still convinced our futures are going to connect in the future, and I don't think it's in BC. Wouldn't that be incredible? Blessings on your as you head out on vacation. Am waiting with anticipation to see where God's leading you.