Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here today Gone to Haiti

It has been a busy few weeks as we have prepared, made final arrangements for space to live, space on flights and organized our lives here in BC. We were prepared to head off to Uganda this year but the events of January 12, 2010 in Haiti changed our paths. So we head off to Haiti this Monday, yep three more sleeps. It is crazy exciting, crazy scary, and crazy fun. Not necessarily in that order. We will be in transit for the first few weeks traveling to see friends in the North of Haiti. Then we will go to Port Au Prince and see family and head up the mountain to work with GLA. Some of you may remember my post the day after the earthquake as many scrambled and called to see if we were home, others where they could give. We had given you the site for giving as GLA and we knew the needs to be great all around. Now we are off, to work with them, we will keep you posted in the next few weeks. Internet will be sporadic as we stay here, there and everywhere, but we ask you to continue to pray for Haiti, pray for the missions there that are working so hard to keep everything going. Pray for us for language to return and new words and confidence. Pray for safety as we travel, our families back home.but most of all pray for the children of Haiti, the babies, the little ones, the orphans and the sick. It is a time in Haiti when God is working overtime to keep the little ones free from disease and hunger. Our blessings to you and your families. Jussi and Colleen


  1. We will pray friend, I am so excited for you. Even as I read your words this morning my spirit leaped, and my face smiled. Bless you and Jussi as you say yes. Loving you tons and looking forward to your sharing.... Praise you Lord for you goodness and mercies and provision over Colleen and Jussi. AMen! xo

  2. We love you guys! And we are so proud of you. Our prayers are will the entire time!