Thursday, April 15, 2010

Donaldson's Story

I mentioned before the stories of triumph that we have heard stories of people carrying on and working to make a better place for their families and of miracles. Today I want to share the story of Donaldson. He is a beautiful little boy who lives with his mom. She lives now in a small metal structure that has been built after the quake from the tin that was on her roof. Her house or the remains of it that we can see, was built using cement block with a small ratio of cement per block. Here in Haiti the norm can be 30 – 70 blocks of cement per bag of cement. Missionaries have told me that they build 21 to 24 blocks per bag. Some say 30 is the norm, but then others say 50 and sometimes as many as 70 blocks per bag can be made and sold. Add to this the construction needs of re bar in the blocks for stability and it is obvious that the house on the hill had very little re bar for reinforcement. We visited Donaldson and his mom to see the site of one of God’s little miracles from the rubble. When the earthquake hit Donaldson was in the house sleeping. His mom was outside, when she realized that the baby was buried under the rubble, she cried for help and people from all around came. They dug with their hands; with small hand tools to make-work faster and everyone prayed that somehow a miracle would happen. God hears the prayers of His people. Donaldson was found under the rubble, completely scratch free. As we were told the story I realized how scared his mom was from the look in her eyes. I realized that long after he has been dug out from the rubble, Donaldson is not the same happy little boy. Behind his careful watching eyes, a little person struggles to understand the enormity of his situation. His mom has rebuilt a small sleeping space on her land, a small cooking space and now works to try and give him the basics of life. Donaldson underneath his wide brimmed hat, has the telltale signs of malnutrition, poor skin, and a reddish tinge to his hair. His mom is being given food and formula now as part of the distribution. God hears their prayers and He is watching over them, today Donaldson is here because of a miracle.

Pending story and pcis
Pending story and pcis

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