Monday, April 5, 2010

A great day...praise the Lord for HIS blessings.

We are great, without internet for most days. Just celebrated Jussi's birthday with friends. Have had amazing days, Easter Sunday sunrise service, going here and there visiting and reconnecting. It has been amazing! Today was even better a good friend had her baby. So a new baby boy in Haiti, after seven years for them he truly is a little miracle. Please pray for the Emile family as they welcome this new little addition. The doctor thought I was impatient, apparently the Haitians do not pace! Jonathon was so calm as he waited, not me! A great day visiting so many people that we worked with and hugging one after another. Both of us smiling...two more days until Port au Prince...thanks for all your prayers. Traveling in this country is so difficult, and here in the north there are so many people that have moved here since the earthquake the roads are soooooo jammed. Tomorrow I get to hold the baby and will post up pictures!
Blessings to all of you, smiling.....


  1. I love you! kiss lots of babies for me too!!

  2. smiling cause you're smiling...xo Happy Bday Jussi!