Sunday, April 18, 2010

His Feet

Daily in Haiti we have heard that life goes on. The last week I have been cleaning and sorting and organizing, vague reminders of the earthquake…dust. We saw the images on TV following the quake of the huge cloud of dust hovering over the city, that fine dust is on everything. Now imagine your furniture, figurines, plants, dishes, lamps, light fixtures and every surface in your house covered. It has been a week of washing and knowing that there is no job too big or too small in the kingdom. At one point as I was washing and polishing the wooden carvings, I had a small toothbrush and was cleaning the grooves on the faces, hair, crevices, hands and toes and it was at this moment that I realized the humbleness that I felt in what I was doing. There are a few beautiful statues of Haitian men working, ladies carrying baskets, soapstone carvings of moms with babies, depictions of daily life in Haiti but the ones that brought me to my knees were the few of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus and Jesus, As I knelt beside the statue of Jesus cleaning the sandals and between his toes I was almost brought to tears at the opportunity that I had been given. You see we had come to Haiti to help with containers and distribution but we had said we would do whatever needed to be done. We wanted to be a blessing. God had put so many pieces of a puzzle together for us to be able to be in Haiti in less than a month we knew He had a plan. Before we came many times he spoke to us through others, in sermons, through songs and one of the common threads was to go with a servant heart. Six weeks after our first meeting with Pastor Scott asking for his advice on us going for a short-term assignment, I was curled up on a floor of a busy room completely unaware of the people coming and going. Did I ever think that God was calling me to Haiti to dust LOL? For those that know me, you can laugh, as back home dusting is something I hate. In fact over the years I have limited the knick-knacks to a minimum so that it isn’t so obvious when company arrives they are covered in dust.

But all of that is thrown out the window when it comes to Haiti, it is not about me and what I have to do, it is about what needs to be done. Dusting aka washing needed to be done. You see as I washed and wood polished the many beautiful carvings, I prayed that others would get to feel the blessing I felt at the exact moment. My heart was overflowing with love for people, my spirit was lifted and I wondered as I washed the symbolic feet of Jesus how we could be so blessed to be here in Haiti. Carving after carving, including Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, I lovingly cleaned, polished and placed back on the shelves. It took all day sitting on the floor washing away the dust of the earthquake from the treasures that had been collected or given to GLA as gifts over the years. The reminders of the earthquake are still evident almost everywhere you look, but God has shown me that every little thing we can do each day is another learning experience for us. It is not about what I can do for GLA but what God is doing in me. As I sit here early Sunday morning I am listening to the sounds outside the window of life going on in Haiti. The sounds of pots banging, birds bantering back and forth, a stray dog barking at something, children waking, women chatting amongst themselves and the smell of coffee coming from downstairs and I smile. Before we left home I was given a prophetic word “believe and trust in the small things I will place in your hands for big things.”

Humbled once again to be here in Haiti, and trusting for all things. C

One of the sweet babies here at GLA


  1. Love to read your posts. I am blessed! Love you and praying for you friends.

  2. Thank you Colleen for your posts and for being there keeping us informed. Please let us know anytime when you have been with Karly, Carline and T-Mac. Where are you in relation to the Villa? Let us know your prayer requests. praying that the containers will be released real soon! Are you receiving mail from Cathy Zavitz? If not, I can forward her latest.Blessings, Jim & Linda