Friday, April 23, 2010

Mouse Golf

I have discovered a new sport....mouse golf. Now don't get me wrong, I cried during Stuart Little, luv Mickey Mouse and mostly think that mice are not so bad running around the farm. Change the location though and mice need to FEAR ME! As I was sorting boxes a wee mouse jumped out of a box of clothes, now if he had stayed hidden he may just still be living in a warm box of clothes but...he decided to make multiple appearances. This was not my idea of a happy place. So every time I sorted a box I kicked it first and he ran out. So by the time I needed to move a bunch back to the other side of the room I enlisted my big strong husband! As he was moving them voila there he was again. This time I had no mercy. I grabbed a broom and told him to scare him my way and I golfed him right out the open door! I was so pleased, and thankful for growing up a tomboy who played hockey. Now they are going to build me my own hockey stick...cause mice live in community....enough said. Yesterday's went for a swim, today I am a wee bit tired but ready to do what needs to be done. So if you have a hankering to save every last mouse send me your thoughts and I will read and laugh then box the next one and send it to you! Check out the new site for GLA...I have been a week cleaning and grouting the bathroom, today I seal everything and Jussi has been building closets, one more day for him.

New skills....

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  1. Oh my gosh, I have been sitting here chuckling away... I can just see it! you are a riot... and I would way rather have the tomboy skills than not ....I am with ya!

    happy day sistah! Love ya! Tell Jussi we went to DQ and thought about him! ( hey I went online and checked out DQ gluten free....woo hoo there is LOTS of ice cream treats!

    checking out the GLA site... xo