Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bon dimanche - Have a Good Sunday

Was awake early this morning and was thanking the Lord it was Sunday. Sunday in Haiti is a day to go to church, share lunch and visit and build relationships. Sundays for many churches start at 8am and this morning I knew a community of believers were gathering at L’eglise Evangelique Quadrangulaire. This is the home church of our Foursquare family in Haiti. Next week we will have the privilege of joining them at 7am. Can't wait and will be able to meet Pastor Guy and Sourette that we in our home church in Courtenay have been praying for the past ten years or more. That will be fabulous, thanks to contact made with John and Debbie and Elizabeth.

The sounds of singing echo early in the morning in our neighborhood and I never tire of the accapella sounds that fill the air. We can wake up slower and more relaxed, I wake before 6am each day and church for us starts at 10:15. After church every Sunday the whole group gets together for lunch and some weeks there are over 30 of us. This morning Pastor Brandon is bringing the message and he challenges us each time to walk out God's perfect plan and will for our lives and the purpose each of us has in the larger picture. We are so thankful the Lord has sent him to Haiti and to GLA. This week he started bible studies with the staff and I am excited to have the opportunity to sit in with him. Most of all his stories of bible college and life keep Jussi tearing up he is laughing so hard, so it is good to have him and his family part of our life.

Sunday at home today I am sure looks different for all our family, we miss you all, but we are thankful to be here and to be able to be in Haiti. It is one month today that we will get home, I am sure even now as we realize how soon that is, it will be tough to leave. Haiti has not only stolen our hearts over the years but you leave a part of yourself here every time you go and that is never easy.
Last night we brought some of the lil tykes down to watch Ice Age and eat popcorn and a good time was had by all the staff, visitors and kids.

Prayer requests for today:

Please continue to pray for more containers to be released.
Please pray that I can have a nap.(somewhat selfish I know) LOL Jussi will of course.
Pray for all the children that are waiting for their final papers for their forever families.
Pray for the staff here at GLA, they take such great care of us.
And last but not least that God will show us daily those here that we need to reach out to and those that we can encourage by email. Have a great they say in Haiti..Bon dimanche!

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  1. Praying for you all at GLA today. It's a beautiful sunny day here, but still my hearts aches as I long to be back in Haiti......I am so wrestling with this between God and I!!! I am thrilled that you had a "movie night" with the kids - I'm sure they loved it : )
    Hoping that you get a chance to catch up on some zzzzz's Colleen! Praying also that your notebook shows up tomorrow. "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it". Blessings and God's peace upon you both as you love and serve.

    Stephanie x