Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day from Haiti

Another sunny warm week in Haiti and many opportunities to love babies. To celebrate Mothers Day I would like to celebrate the Haitian moms that because of reasons too numerous to mention love their children enough to ask for help. At GLA some children are here for a short time, while their families try and re group and find shelter and work after the earthquake. Some of the babies will be available for adoption once the government in Haiti allows the process to re-begin. Some of the babies have forever families waiting back home for them and still wait for papers etc to be finished. Many children came from another orphanage that received damage during the earthquake and will go back when the organization is able to repair their building and prepare for their return. At GLA there are two houses with children, the Baby House or Main House and the Toddler House up the road.

The pictures on Picassa Eight

will be from both houses. Go to the link and click on the album Picassa Eight.

Moms around the globe will celebrate the amazing privilege of having a mom. I believe being a mom is a HUGE blessings but not everyone can share in the celebration so rather we celebrate our mothers. Mom's give us life, teach, guide, get us ready for school, marry us off, babysit our kids and continue to be moms in our lives. Mother's Day is a chance to call and say hello, send flowers, have dinner or whatever your family does to honour your moms. I love my Mom.

In Haiti, Mother's Day is celebrated on a different day in the next few weeks and for that I am thankful. Without Hallmark, without pressure from the booming gift market, long ago Haiti decided to celebrate moms. We have had the pleasure of attending church on Mothers Day in Haiti and it truly a time to honour the women who work so hard for their families, whose children are the next generation and who are integral to keeping families together and caring for the community. My prayers go out to each of the moms who this year will be saddened by the sheer devastation to their families that happened one day on January 12. The reminders exist throughout the country everywhere, as piles of rubble collect along road sides, as families struggle with trying to raise children in large 5000 people tent cities, and where food has been cut off from many sources. People in Haiti are still struggling everyday, yes life goes on but I ache every time I see the excess we all have in North America. I realize that my children have never been so traumatized, my children never went without food or water, or a roof over their heads or the uncertainty of what the future would bring, Today as you celebrate Mothers Day and a beautiful lunch or dinner, flowers, chocolates, a trip to the nursery to buy for the garden, pray for the moms in Haiti. Pray that the Lord will give you a face, a name, a situation that you can pray directly into for someone unknown across the miles.

Celebrate with us the awesome opportunity to be in here in Haiti, hugging the babies that have been placed in our care. Each of you are all part of the hugs we give each day, for all that we can accomplish each day because of you back home we are able. For me today I celebrate the amazing privilege that I have of being a mom of having a mom, (hi mom) I send out hugs to all my kids! I love you guys so very much. To…Danielle, Chris, Rachel and Ryland, Nick, Kelsey and Jason, Karly, Carline and TMac and Wadner. To all that we have been blessed to have in our home throughout the years, today I send a long distance hug to you from Haiti.


  1. Hug those babies for me and may the coming year be a blessing to all those moms in Haiti who lost one of their children in the quake. Blessings to the two of you. A&L

  2. Stephanie McCallumMay 10, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    Thank-you for remembering these amazing mothers of Haiti, who I truly admire and appreciate all they do as they try and give the best for their little ones. May the Lord bless you, as you too, love, minister and give graciously to these dear people of Haiti. It was a joy to meet you both. May God watch over you as you serve Him with joy every day. I love the photos : )