Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Babies- Calm and Chaos

This is Chaos
Some weeks at GLA we see new babies. For the last while we have not received any new babies at all. So imagine our delight when we saw two new babies up at Ft Jacques yesterday morning. After a day full of trying to teach Momma goat to feed her babies we decided she would leave them out in the rain over night, not feed them and so we committed to raising goats. Now we have two other goats due to kid in days so we are hoping to foster these two lil guys out to the one mom. For now we have them in our room, I am feeding every four hours all night long and jokes have started as to whether I am sane or not. Specifically to the Haitians I am not. They have never seen baby goats raised inside, let alone fed with baby bottles. Already they have different personalities and different sounds, how weird is that, I can tell which one is bleeting. Jussi follows me around bleeting "mama" and cat calls across the mission when I walk into a room of "mama cabrit" which in creole in goat. So I can put up with the cat calls, the babies like me, the family dachshund is pretty happy with his role of babysitter and although he had big plans of sleeping on our bed to watch over them Jussi nixed that. I hear him outside I guess it is time to open the door. Off to Ft Jacques today for another distribution and construction.
This is Calm, the smallest one. Breakfast on the Balcony, with Nathan, Hannah and Stanley Froese at GLA we had another baby, Daisy to one of the older moms. Calm and Chaos's mom has no milk, she is undernourished and young. As we were trying to get her to feed them, she stepped on the lil one and now he is bandaged and putting a tiny bit of weight on his back leg. In addition to being malnourished he walks on his knuckles, so he is fighting life most of the time. Today we thought we might lose him, prayed for him and he bounced back. After a tiny bit of Tylenol and having his leg bandaged he is eating again and is very noisy. Chaos was so much stronger when the other mom delivered her afterbirth I rubbed it all over Chaos (she can't count ) and she started licking him and let him nurse. So now she has twins. So praise the Lord he has been fostered out to a new mom and is doing well. (Although I stay quiet around the goats as he leaves the mom and follows my voice LOL) So Chaos is now in the barnyard with his new foster sister Daisy and his new mom and we have taken Calm back home with us. Calm is sleeping but Gus (the dachshund) is quite concerned so he is here sleeping on the bed too. Gus is very good with the baby, licking it clean after I feed him, and is very possessive when the baby is walking around. Never a dull moment in Haiti..and yes everyone still cat calls me "mammmmmmaaa" in goat speak all over the mission.
New baby Daisy and Chaos's new momma

Gus and Calm

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  1. Youve got to be KIDDING ! Ha Ha Hope the little one does well and yes I have too spent many hours bottle feeding little goats. Lysje