Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It has hit me lately that some days we makes dozens of decisions; easy ones, hard ones, ethical ones, painful ones, and even flippant ones that have no real value in the importance of life. For example what color earrings to wear, what color of paint for the bathroom, what kind of ranch dip to buy. Okay, maybe that might be edgy, Jussi is a connoisseur of ranch dressing so I don't usually play around too much with that one. Back to the thoughts...In the middle of this bathroom demo/reno I am doing, I realized that there are so many little decisions, many hinging on our price range rather than life altering change.

In our Christian life we make decisions every day too, some days more than others and some that draw us closer to Him and some that pull us into the worldly side. (Not going to lie we have a big TV. ) We are so blessed to be living in a warm dry house with food in our cupboards and water that we can drink from the tap. To seek Him, decisions that glorify Him and further the Kingdom, sharing stories of trust and provision, being sure we are called,  is what matters to God, it is the "yes.”  I imagine God being so softened each time he heard those in tent cities, sharing their stories and " I am alive today because God saved me for a purpose.” From out of nothing they are rising to greatness, not in a worldly sense but in an eternity sense that everywhere you turn God is being glorified in Haiti. Every day without exception we heard praises from the people, testimonies of salvation, testimonies of faith, trust and provision, (How I pray for that for Canada.)
Yesterday I was blessed with a long chat with Eunice, she and Pastor Ken are our home church Pastors but also our spiritual mentors, our measuring sticks as to what we pray that one day we can achieve for the kingdom. They live each day loving, encouraging, blessing and guiding others to seek His face in all things. They humbly bow down their lives to His will; they look to the Lord for answers in all things. They also stir us on in the importance of faith and the evidence of things unseen. Eunice reminded me that "God can and will work in our lives and decisions that change the path that we thought we may take if they are from Him and they will be blessed " What an amazing place to be living in "His will".

I need to guide my daily decisions around what I do today and whether it will be glorifying for the Kingdom, if I follow the path he has set before me and that I trust in Him: then I need not worry it is the right decision.

When a mom sits on a empty sack nestled in the mud near her small sheet covered tent feeding her baby, does she have the decision of where to live, what to eat each day, no, but her decision to sing praises to the Lord take her children to church, repeat memorized scriptures, and singing songs of praise quietly to the almost sleeping baby shows her complete trust in God.

I am praying for my continued growth in Him. Hebrews 12: 2 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith.... and knowing that all He desires daily, is to hear my prayers, my praises and to see me walk out all that He has set before me.  I am so thankful that God brought us to Haiti in 2005, and throughout the years as we stumbled back into life here or there that we never really felt settled. Did we live here in Canada, or did we live in Haiti? Our hearts were spilt between family at home and a desire and a longing we could not express back in Haiti. Each time we come home we seem more unsettled but God has a plan and His plan for us will be made clear. If we trust in Him, make decisions that are centered on prayer and soak in the word... Eph. 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us. 
I am thankful for the men and women in Haiti that have taught me about faith, about praising God in the valleys and not just on the mountains and about living under an umbrella of God's grace.  To each of you reading today I pray you will never have to see the destruction of your home, family or country before you stop and say  " I am alive today because God saved me for a purpose." He HAS saved you and ME for a purpose, and for that I am humbled at all that lies in front of us. 
"Lord Jesus You are the Author and perfector of my faith. Would you please strengthen me to keep my eyes fixed on you? It is You that I look to for strength to live in accordance with your will for my life. Help me to live a life full of joy and with a settled mind. Fill me with your fullness of peace and joy. I know You are trustworthy, reliable and faithful. I need your guidance everyday.  Help me to bear mature fruit as you increase my faith each day. Lord you are my Rock. Keep me strong as I demonstrate a wholehearted devotion to you each day. Help me to follow you. Amen

Even though our hearts yearn for Haiti, together we are declaring great things for our nation of Canada. Celebrating Canada this week, wear your red and white, wave the flag and pray for this nation and our leaders. Happy Canada Day for July 1st!

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