Sunday, June 20, 2010

Keep Haiti in Your Prayers

Happy Fathers Day.
It has been a busy week with three days of travel from Haiti to home and then one day doing errands and unpacking and then three days in Vancouver. We feel like maybe the world will stop moving today or at least that is our prayer. The weather is sunny and Jussi and the dog are having a nap. I am so thankful to have such a nice chair to curl up in and watch the birds outside the window.
We cannot imagine how we are going to ever fit back into life in North America but God does and we have done it before. It seems like either we have forgotten what it felt like or we just get deeper into our passion for Haiti. Haiti for us started out very slow but once we stepped foot on Haitian soil the love we felt for the people we met was instantaneous. Why would God bring us all the way across the nation, across the water to show us His plan for us? Because that is what He does, He takes ordinary people and blesses them with relationships that grow them, stretch them and will last a lifetime.
We can not imagine our life without so many people we have met on the mission field. Where else could friendship prosper in such intensity? Visitors would come to the mission and ask us why they felt a strong connection to us so soon after meeting. We could never exactly clinically describe it but we knew that God brought people together and everyone that we have met have played a part in HIS perfect plan for us. We are so thankful to all those in our home church, our Pastors, our families, our friends, but we are also thankful for all of you that we have met along the way. We pray that God will bring us back to Haiti in the near future, we pray that we can keep in touch and that between all of us we can continue to share the needs of Haiti and talk about the resilience of the people. Lord burden me for the needs of Haiti, give me clarity to share with those that You want to hear, and give me the patience to wait for Your will for our lives. I pray for each of you that God will use you and provide a peace that covers more than Haiti but that our link to each other is our love for the Haitian people. Allow God to speak through you today and share your experiences of Haiti with someone new. I imagine a peace that each one of us will know we are in His perfect place.

We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.

- William E. Gladstone

Good idea for starting conversations with new people...T shirts with rebuilding Haiti on them in Jacob stores in Canada. On line check out Cafe Press..they have lots of items that can be worn as conversation starters, or go to GLA in Haiti buy yourself a shirt to wear to the next work function....people are needing to hear and we are all the voices that need to share...

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