Thursday, June 10, 2010

Work at the new site of GLA

This week at Ft. Jacques has been wet, wet, wet. I tried not to think the group from Alberta brought the rain but it rained everyday of their two-week trip. Rain did not dampen their spirits as they set to work doing just about everything, from swinging sledge hammers to break rock, building a pen for two orphaned baby goats, building a few rock walls, painting, caulking, carrying tubs into the warehouse and getting wet daily in the back of the truck. They left without getting to finish the rock wall beside the warehouse and so this week, TJ and Brady are perfecting the new skill of masonry. They are doing a fabulous job finishing the steps and the last of the painting. It is such a blessing when teams come in with willing hearts and hands. The last few weeks we have finished all the distribution, installed kitchen cabinets, tiled the counter tops, the back splashes and nook. The trim had a final coat around the doors and cupboards, the floors were washed as rooms emptied and prepared for the arrival of the next containers. Jussi finished all the shelving and I loaded each one as fast as he made them. Each of the bins we have entered into inventory and labeled for GLA. The system on the computer will ensure monthly accountability of inventory, allow items to be tracked so that we can update our wish list and let us know those items that we can share with other missions and use for distribution. It has been a busy week in the rain and many times we hear a clap of thunder and know to run for cover. It is great to see the rooms empty and know that over 1500 pieces were unloaded, reloaded, unloaded and reloaded again, put into every available space and then sorted for GLA or distribution. Praise the Lord for all those who pack the containers and a huge thanks to all those that have contributed; nothing is left unused. Our prayer request now is for the containers to clear that are here in Haiti. Please join us in praying the waiting containers out of customs.

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  1. Sounds like you are working hard and having a great time. What a blessing! Albert and Lysje