Monday, July 5, 2010

A want to be a vine..holding fast and not letting go...

It has been a crazy week of ups and downs. The hardest part of living in Haiti is not the living in Haiti it is the leaving Haiti behind. We recently had opportunity to celebrate Canada Day and our life here at home but it is Haitian food, language, crazy roads, people and every day life that we think about often. We are blessed to have a beautiful home and great friends and family. The old saying home is where is your hang your hat, or home is where the heart is, home is what you make of it, home is where the story begins, home is where I want to be and I love all of the sayings. They have created a retail market for rugs, plaques wall words in addition to the lyrics for many songs. Our home is nestled in a bunch of trees on our property and then surrounded by hay fields, barns and outbuildings. We have been waiting on weather to cut our hay, year after year the harvest is the big event. We pray for weather because our trips to Haiti always seem to rotate around our time in Haiti. In order to get drying weather we need winds and hot sun and at least four to five days in a row. We monitor the internet, watch the weatherman on TV and check and recheck before we cut it but nothing is ever for sure. If your hay gets rained on it is virtually useless, our buyers will not purchase rained on hay. Now some of you maybe thinking rain? Yes, we live on the west coast and rain is a factor all year long and it can strike in the middle of the night.
So today is the day that we will start the harvest. We are anxious to get started and happy to report we have a week of great weather ahead. Jussi and I share the tractor work and I am hoping this summer he will take a day off work to help. I do days around and around and around in the field, listening to music and feeling the heat of the sun. I also have plenty of time to think.
Recently I heard a program about waiting on the Lord, and funny thing I never recognized waiting as a physical thing. The Lord has shown me that waiting can mean, drawing near. I was given a vision of a vine and some lattice and remembered my own garden and how difficult it was to tear down the vine without damaging the lattice. It is a parallel of sorts to see waiting as a sitting still and be patient to the vine that never seems to budge. Vines grow like weeds, they are hard to kill and as Jussi often chimes in, like "a union" impossible to get rid off. LOL. I am thankful for the vine imagery because like me, vines are also stubborn and independent. I want to draw near to Him, I want to not, let go, I want to be so difficult to shake out of my christian roots that it would be not worth trying. God has me in his palm, but I also know the enemy is the one who can tear down and destroy. I am watchful and careful that the enemy knows that I am a stubborn vine! As we, Jussi and I prepare for our next adventure that God will take us on, we are thankful that we can cling to Him. We are thankful that we know and understand His word is mightier than any schemes of the enemy. We are thankful that as we seek and pray and cling to HIM, that He will reveal all that He has for us. That even if we cling to a rocky surface or a slope, that He can and will sustain us. He is our rock. An amazing promise, a lifetime of hope, and the ability to walk through the adventure called life with a spirit of expectancy.  As we spend the next week farming or reaping our harvest we pray that we can join you in seeking His face, for your lives to be blessed, to draw near and count upon His promises and allow Him to settle into our daily lives life, as normal as  coffee and waking up. Allow Him to the be rock that will give you strength, that will add depth, and color and character to your life, the ever changing palette that He created.

Some of my fave pics...of farming

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