Friday, July 9, 2010

Sounds in the Silence

Each morning I have the absolute pleasure of sitting in the quiet with the loudest sounds being the snoring dog or the tick tock of the kitchen clock. (hey that rhymed LOL) So many times in Haiti the noise that accompanied my morning cup of coffee was one of horns, dogs barking, children crying, animated chatter (that would in North American culture would be considered arguing) and the rhythmic sound of sweeping. Oh I miss the sound of sweeping....there is something comforting about the endless sound of a banana palm broom sweeping the dirt. I remember the first time I realized that the ladies were sweeping the dirt, and they had no tile floor to keep clean, but they cared about their home so much that each day they swept the dirt to a shine. I remember thinking how much that broke my heart they were making the best of what they had and over the years I have realized the women in Haiti like all the rest of the people do without so much.
I am honest when I say I hate sweeping, I don't like the sound of my own sweeping, but this morning as I missed the sights and sounds of Haiti I wandered into my dining room and look at my Haitian broom. I love my broom, a gift years ago from Ma Jacques, I love the fact that I can transport myself myself back to Haiti in an instant and hear the sounds, capture the scent of the morning air, see the hustle and the bustle of children going to school, all of it in an instant returning to my senses. I miss Haiti.
I love being home with family, and this week farming I have realized how much I love our home here. How can God give you the desires of your heart when you can't even understand them?  I liked a line in my devotions this morning that said..."God does not open a door to an opportunity while we are lying on the couch. We need to be on the lookout."
Today as I go about my day, as I do each day I will be on the lookout and searching my heart, seeking His will, praying for direction and doing my share.
I might even take my broom outside and sweep a little and smile and remember the part of Haiti that is my heart.

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