Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband

Today as I looked through pictures of our last 16 years together I realized lots changes and little does. Our hair and our glasses, changed the most. Our bodies still look about the that deserves an amen. Our kids have all grown up and we have added two grandkids to the mix. Our home has been built, remodelled and finished all in the last 15 years and in that order...yes still finishing our room and bathroom, but have remodelled other rooms along the way LOL. We have been blessed with son in laws....they are all fabulous and we are thankful. We woke up this morning and realized that we don't feel older..I know wait.. until it is cold and we are creaky LOL...but we have grown older. Our hearts are more in tune, our minds think the same and we seldom have complete differences of opinion. I am so thankful for the most amazing man, the wonderful husband, father and papa. For 14 years I have heard every morning "I Love You" before anything else...and it is not because I need to hear it, or that he needs to remind me, it has become a habit that I am fond of....hard for the day to fall apart when your waking thoughts are that I have Jussi as my constant.
Thanks honey for the great years and for the many more to come...for the laughs that we have shared and the tears...for being the God honoring man that I always dreamed of. I love you...


  1. Happy wedded bliss to you both! Love the old pictures! Loved getting to know y'all and laugh with you. Hope you have a great day today - is it time to meet up back in Haiti yet?

  2. Loved this post Colleen. You are right about the hair - Jussi has a little less of it now. You should see a picture of my husband's hair when he was about 17 years old and compare it with now! :) Much has receded! My hair is just getting more grey every day! But 33 years of married life - I wouldn't change a minute of it! I am glad we married young. xo Cathy Zavitz