Monday, August 16, 2010

Sing, sing, sing...

Worship is like food, sunshine, water, it is my life sustenance. Recently on a trip down island I had a new worship CD I had borrowed and I was singing at the top of my lungs, worshiping, waving my arms in the air, all while driving at the posted 110km/hr. Now this may have been a lil dicey except for the part that God loves to hear our worship, the praises of His people, and I have never heard of an accident that was caused by a person that took their hands off the wheel to lift praises to their King. If Pastor Craig is reading, he probably did...he has the weirdest newsworthy items, good thing we love him. Anyway the depth of worship can be anywhere is the reason for the car story. God doesn't need us to be in a certain place, church or at home, he needs our heart to be in the right place. 

I have always found joy in music. I have been blessed to have children that love to sing, and they have fabulous gifts, that they not only share with me but with others. God is so good.  Worship is defined as the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration or the acknowledgment of worth. It is the expression for me, the expression of my love for my God: so big I cannot put a word to it, but yet so completely personal, I can't define it to anyone else. I know in church some people struggle to clap to the beat, some people find standing difficult, some do not like all the waving and dancing, the bouncing of the youth. I love watching others go to a place where they do not care about anything else but the adoration of the Father, His worthiness, His love for us. There will always be sermons about shouting from the mountain tops, what worship looks like but remember worship is as individual as our smiles. God knows our hearts, the hearts that are happy clapping to the beat, He knows the hearts that want to jump and dance, those that are physically unable to bounce and He knows the hearts like mine. I will worship like David, (in church I will keep my clothes on LOL) unabandoned in my spirit, with victory and freedom that I am able to worship.
I am so thankful for the musicians that share their gifts with all of us. This week I am going to send my praises to heaven every day not to bless Him but to bless me... join will be encouraged, filled and feel closer to Him. Blessings on your week, C

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