Monday, September 6, 2010

Do your wheels turn when you are supposed to be sleeping...

After another night of interrupted sleep...I realized I need to focus on what is good, instead of the rolling, getting up, restless husband. A few months back I wrote a blog story about the fact that I  covet Jussi's sleeping patterns. He falls asleep so easy but lately he is a pattern of getting is making me crazy, because he goes right back to sleep and in the wee hours of the morning, I am left awake and thinking. I hate thinking in the middle of the night. It is never pleasant happy thoughts, it is usually business, finances, things to do, things to remember. So last night I decided to write a list...saves counting sheep...of all the things I am thankful for. Now you can get into the biggies, God, family, friends, our church, food, warm house, health and a job, but what about the things we forget to be thankful for.
So... I am thankful for

black shoe polish, that makes old shoes look new
for a coffee pot that keeps coffee hot
for a cheese grater
for soaker hoses
for Tupperware
for travel mugs
for Internet
for q tips
for purple pens, that allow creativity when list making
well in that category I am thankful for highlighters and post it notes
for tools to help make renos easier
for a toaster that allows cheese to melt on top of bread
for a toilet that flushes and water you can drink from a tap
for spiders that see me coming and leave
for bounce sheets
for cameras that capture a moment that you can look at time and time again
for dish scrubbies
for remote controls that allow you to stay under the blankets
for a good book
for reading glasses
for fresh peas and strawberries in the garden
for International Delight French Vanilla
for the smiling faces of barristas , cashiers and others we meet...a smile is a good thing

You see the list is endless, we have so many things that touch our hands daily. We have been given provision for all our basic needs and although I don't mean to trivialize most of the important things. We have some cool things, some things that I am thankful we don't need to live without. May have to write another chapter to this, I can feel it brewing...all things that are useless.
Have a super wonderful day, appreciate your coffee, your Kraft peanut butter, and of course your children. Today is First day of school eve in BC, so as I prepare for tomorrow, blessings to the moms that are preparing for their little people and for those with teenage daughters that are marvelling at the bevy of colored pens, new binders, with dividers in all color coded sections.

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