Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank you!

As October comes to a close I am reminded of the fact that we call October Pastor Appreciation month but God has called us to appreciate our Pastors all year long. Is is not because of Hallmark or other marketing agendas that we  save Oct for the month to say "thank you". Jussi and I are so blessed by our Pastoral team. From the tips of their toes they spend their days praying for our church family. They plan, they organize, they pray, they learn and then they teach. As a pastor there are many times when he or his family goes without his time as because someone needs his ear, his wisdom, or his time. I am sorry that I cannot express in words my thanks, but I will hard to do in actions. If you are part of our church family, join me and if if not start a season or honour and respect for your pastors.

Prayer, pray for them, their spouse, their children. Petition the Lord for safety, health, love and strength. If you think you have opposition against you some days can you imagine the enemy's daily quota for your Pastor and his family.

Honor them by speaking words of life, remember when speaking about your pastor you are the practical witness to your community of God's grace and mercy. Imagine what God looks like to non believers if they hear negativity. 
1 Timothy 5 v 17The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching. 

Encourage them by truly believing that God wants to use him to bring His Word to life that day. 

Serve, become part of the team! Nothing blesses a Pastor more than a waitlist to serve in ministry.

Engage, although I have been accused of having Holy Spirit Tourettes, I believe a few honest AMENS in a service is a good thing. If he thinks everyone is engaging, the sermon will be shorter, if he is repeating himself, engage LOL! 

Respect is a word that is huge to me. I was taught as a kid to respect my elders, respect those in authority, and to respect those I call friends. To me respect is every much a part of the golden rule, do unto others as you wish them to do unto see we all feel encouraged when we are respected. 
You can never go wrong by telling your pastoral team that you respect them. As the leaders that God has chosen respect brings a mutual respect for us and our families. It is a win win.

To our pastors we send our love and appreciation.   For all that you do, each and every day.  You have all contributed to the overwhelming love for each other we have in our church family.  BLESSINGS. November and then December is around the corner and I pray that I do not lose sight with busy ness to stop and appreciate you all, I pray for church families around the world; for health, prosperity, love, growth, vision, purpose and patience and most of hope and anticipation of the year ahead. 
This poem has been reprinted 

Our Pastor

Have you ever walked in our Pastor's shoes,
And gone where his feet have trod?
Have you ever thought of what he means to us,
And on your knees, given thanks to God?
Have you ever told him thank you,
For being there, when times are tough,
For comforting words and fervent prayers
When trials come and the storms of life are rough?
He answers our calls in the middle of the night
And tells us not to worry, for he will be there.
He gives up his comfort of quiet rest
And comes with prayers of comfort to share.
Have you ever thought to say thank you Pastor,
For preaching God's word to help us understand,
For all the times he has asked for things
That will lend us a helping hand?
When you pray, put him at the top of the list
And ask the Lord to surround him with loving care,
To give him strength and walk with him,
To help him with the burdens that he must bear.
Have you ever walked in our Pastor's shoes,
And gone where his feet have trod?
Have you ever thought of what he means to us,
And on your knees, given thanks to God?
A Pastor Appreciation Poem by Judy Crowe

Pastors Scott and Naomi, Ken and Eunice, Corey and Janice, and George and are appreciated, loved, respected and honoured, and we are blessed to be part of your team!  UC and C
Corey and Janice
George and Jessica
Scott and Naomi
Ken and Eunice

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He hears our prayers...To Him we give GLORY

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti, there has been some advances in the Cholera spread. Pray for little baby Sophie that is struggling for life in an orphanage in Haiti, pray that God will show her caregivers the next step in her care. Pray for the young man Luke I told you about, he has been moved out of ICU, he is sharing with family his desire and determination to believe in miracles and the power one can have when God is on your side. He is 19 years old and after a terrible car accident,  is going to show them he will walk again. GO GOD! We know this will be a long road for Luke, keep praying for him and his family. Luke we are behind you all the way!

I am so thankful that He hears our prayers, I have friends around the world that we chat with via the internet and HE knew the power of connections. Right now most likely every second of the day, a miracle is happening, a prayer is being answered. That is 86,400 a day...WAHOO. God we give you the glory for over 31 MILLION miracles that happen every year and we claim those miracle is Jesus's name for Luke, for Sophie, for the people of Haiti and those communities around the world that are struggling with poverty and disease. Use your connections to spread the news of miracles so that God is glorified.

This is a great song to remember to praise HIS name in all things.

Sing out
The Lord is near
Build Him a temple here
A palace of praise
A throne of thanksgiving
Made for the king of kings
Sing out
A joyful song
Hes love goes on and on
When praises abound
Hes glory surrounds us
Building His temple here
Sing out the Lord is near
The Lord inhabits the song of His saints
And lives in their praises
The Lord inhabits the song of his saints
And lives in their praises

Have a great day, C

Friday, October 22, 2010

Haiti once again...on its knees..praying "Somebody help us"

Please pray for the people of Haiti, World Health Organization has identified a cholera outbreak. This is the first in decades and it has not reached the tent cities of Port Au Prince, but I know, it is only a small window before it does. Death can happen in hours and in the last 24 hours the estimates are over 100 people. What we would bedoing if 100 + people died in 24 hours in your hometown! Please join me and getting the word out to pray. For so many they ask, how can I help. Don't send any more money, the big organizations are still struggling to get aid that was received as the result of the earthquake. Estimates are that only 10% has reached the Haitian people. Life is difficult, there has been rioting, there will be a change of government, there is still a huge food shortage and hundreds of thousands of people still live in tents. The cholera outbreak is to the north but travel is so congested that those that can get on a bus and head to other towns to stay with family or friends and in their fear take the outbreak with them. The tent cities of Port Au Prince is a vulnerable place for this fatal disease. Please pray that they will be able to find the source, quarantine an area and limit the numbers of those that will be in contact. The hospitals are full, people are laying on cement, IV fluids will be at a minimum. So many concerns. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

too busy to pray....

“Prayer is an unnatural activity.  From birth, we learn the rules of self-reliance as we strain and struggle toward independence, and frankly, prayer flies in the face of all that…Although prayer is alien to our proud human nature, somehow, at some point along life’s journey, most of us fall to our knees, bow our heads, fix our attention on God and just plain pray.  We may look both ways to be sure no one is watching, our knees may creak at the foreignness of the activity; but still we pray.  It’s as if something within us is hard-wired with the knowledge that in doing so we weave stronger threads of intimacy with the One who alone can provide peace to endure and power to overcome whatever challenges we face.”  From Bill Hybels..."Too Busy Not to Pray” thanks Melissa, you encouraged me! Get your copy of this book!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This weekend we waited the arrival of our youngest daughter and her husband, coming home for Thanksgiving. We sat and laughed at how fast they had grown up. How crazy our lives had been in the last few years and were we home for the second thanksgiving in a row? It was then that I realized we had raised our children to understand the bigger picture of serving others and then I got a wee bit teary. You see sometimes we laugh at funny things that happened living on the mission field, great experiences, bug stories and then we remember the things we missed back home. While serving on the mission field in Haiti we missed births, deaths, and weddings, we missed Christmas, birthdays, and Thanksgiving. I also realized sometimes it must have been easier for us then on them.
Being thankful is a state of mind, like a cup half full. It is something I need to do more. There is so much in our lives we need to be thankful for.

This fall we are home in Canada and as we celebrate all that we have with 14 or so for dinner, I will remember to bask in the family time. I will let the dishes sit until later (that is if I can keep Gill out of the sink) and visit. We will share and laugh and talk about about the future, the past, the present and the gifts we all have in family and friends. We will all eat way too much and after everyone is done, I will share that the stuffing, gravy and all the fixings were made gluten free LOL.(usally i get a bad rap about eating cardboard!)

I know our steps are ordered by the Lord. I am thankful that our families have understood our desire to follow different paths set before us. I am thankful that our children continue to support us with their love and prayers, every time we get on a plane to a foreign land. I am thankful that God showed how to raise spiritually equipped and globally minded young men and women that make us so proud. I am thankful that Jussi is just as eager as I am to follow the leading of God and change direction. In our car sometimes the GPS decides to go a different way then Jussi plans and the thing goes crazy saying re calculating... and our lives sometimes do not plan out they way we intended but for that I am also thankful.  
As we embark on a new season of thanksgiving I want to be open to the Lord calculating. I also want to remember Be thankful for your mistakes  They will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference. It's easy to be thankful for the good things. A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings.

Praying for you and your families that this year you will see an abundance of God's love, His blessings, His power in your everyday, and that we will all remember that being thankful should be a daily thing! 
Don't be shy.....share your thankfulness....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sorry the delay...

It has been a crazy month and I apologize to those that read regularly. I went back to work! Now I know that sounds funny but we have committed the last five years of our lives to missions and being "ready". This meant no permanent job for me. I worked for the School District as a braille transcriber in 2005 when we decided to take a leave and go to Haiti. In 2007 I gave up my position and from that point if I was in North America, I could work as a sub but my life was very fluid. This summer as we had prepared to return to Haiti in the fall, Jussi had to make a commitment to his employer. We have been so blessed by Rick and Carmen, they have allowed us to come and go for the last five years and would have given us their blessing again. It was in the summer when a bid came in for a 45 tug boat, Jussi was needed to complete the project within the time lines so we felt his employer needed to be supported so we decided to postpone Haiti. During this time, the last week of August I was approached about a job for the school year. So to make a long story short, we committed both decisions to the Lord and He showed us the need to stick around for this time. In today's job market is it a blessing to both have full time jobs.
Is Haiti in our hearts....every day! Do we plan to return to Haiti or another mission field, absolutely. We know God is done with us just yet.
As we step into the ministry year at church we are delighted to serve and to encourage our local church family, jump start some missions minded folks and see where God would have us serving.
For now I am excited to be back on a worship team, over the moon at some of the missions opportunities that I have researched and look forward to sharing with our church family what having ready feet looks like. Our desire will always be to return to Haiti, we pray that 2011 will bring open doors for us and for many others. Please continue to pray for our Haitian friends and families, for ministries that we continue to care about and pray for: OMS Haiti, God Littlest Angels, Lifewater and all of the ministry work that goes on daily. We ask you to lift up those that serve in Haiti and to bring new people to lighten the loads and build strong healthy ministries that glorify the only one that matters!
Thanks for your patience as I worked out how I was going to have time to blog, work and go to school at night. It has been a stretch but it is happening and I am feeling less overwhelmed!
This weekend we are off on a sabbatical of sorts, quiet no phones, no internet,  no TV, good food, great friends and ocean breezes! Looking forward to spending time with Him, surrounded by His beauty, looking through my camera lens!