Friday, October 22, 2010

Haiti once again...on its knees..praying "Somebody help us"

Please pray for the people of Haiti, World Health Organization has identified a cholera outbreak. This is the first in decades and it has not reached the tent cities of Port Au Prince, but I know, it is only a small window before it does. Death can happen in hours and in the last 24 hours the estimates are over 100 people. What we would bedoing if 100 + people died in 24 hours in your hometown! Please join me and getting the word out to pray. For so many they ask, how can I help. Don't send any more money, the big organizations are still struggling to get aid that was received as the result of the earthquake. Estimates are that only 10% has reached the Haitian people. Life is difficult, there has been rioting, there will be a change of government, there is still a huge food shortage and hundreds of thousands of people still live in tents. The cholera outbreak is to the north but travel is so congested that those that can get on a bus and head to other towns to stay with family or friends and in their fear take the outbreak with them. The tent cities of Port Au Prince is a vulnerable place for this fatal disease. Please pray that they will be able to find the source, quarantine an area and limit the numbers of those that will be in contact. The hospitals are full, people are laying on cement, IV fluids will be at a minimum. So many concerns. 

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