Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He hears our prayers...To Him we give GLORY

Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti, there has been some advances in the Cholera spread. Pray for little baby Sophie that is struggling for life in an orphanage in Haiti, pray that God will show her caregivers the next step in her care. Pray for the young man Luke I told you about, he has been moved out of ICU, he is sharing with family his desire and determination to believe in miracles and the power one can have when God is on your side. He is 19 years old and after a terrible car accident,  is going to show them he will walk again. GO GOD! We know this will be a long road for Luke, keep praying for him and his family. Luke we are behind you all the way!

I am so thankful that He hears our prayers, I have friends around the world that we chat with via the internet and HE knew the power of connections. Right now most likely every second of the day, a miracle is happening, a prayer is being answered. That is 86,400 a day...WAHOO. God we give you the glory for over 31 MILLION miracles that happen every year and we claim those miracle is Jesus's name for Luke, for Sophie, for the people of Haiti and those communities around the world that are struggling with poverty and disease. Use your connections to spread the news of miracles so that God is glorified.

This is a great song to remember to praise HIS name in all things.

Sing out
The Lord is near
Build Him a temple here
A palace of praise
A throne of thanksgiving
Made for the king of kings
Sing out
A joyful song
Hes love goes on and on
When praises abound
Hes glory surrounds us
Building His temple here
Sing out the Lord is near
The Lord inhabits the song of His saints
And lives in their praises
The Lord inhabits the song of his saints
And lives in their praises

Have a great day, C

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