Friday, October 1, 2010

Sorry the delay...

It has been a crazy month and I apologize to those that read regularly. I went back to work! Now I know that sounds funny but we have committed the last five years of our lives to missions and being "ready". This meant no permanent job for me. I worked for the School District as a braille transcriber in 2005 when we decided to take a leave and go to Haiti. In 2007 I gave up my position and from that point if I was in North America, I could work as a sub but my life was very fluid. This summer as we had prepared to return to Haiti in the fall, Jussi had to make a commitment to his employer. We have been so blessed by Rick and Carmen, they have allowed us to come and go for the last five years and would have given us their blessing again. It was in the summer when a bid came in for a 45 tug boat, Jussi was needed to complete the project within the time lines so we felt his employer needed to be supported so we decided to postpone Haiti. During this time, the last week of August I was approached about a job for the school year. So to make a long story short, we committed both decisions to the Lord and He showed us the need to stick around for this time. In today's job market is it a blessing to both have full time jobs.
Is Haiti in our hearts....every day! Do we plan to return to Haiti or another mission field, absolutely. We know God is done with us just yet.
As we step into the ministry year at church we are delighted to serve and to encourage our local church family, jump start some missions minded folks and see where God would have us serving.
For now I am excited to be back on a worship team, over the moon at some of the missions opportunities that I have researched and look forward to sharing with our church family what having ready feet looks like. Our desire will always be to return to Haiti, we pray that 2011 will bring open doors for us and for many others. Please continue to pray for our Haitian friends and families, for ministries that we continue to care about and pray for: OMS Haiti, God Littlest Angels, Lifewater and all of the ministry work that goes on daily. We ask you to lift up those that serve in Haiti and to bring new people to lighten the loads and build strong healthy ministries that glorify the only one that matters!
Thanks for your patience as I worked out how I was going to have time to blog, work and go to school at night. It has been a stretch but it is happening and I am feeling less overwhelmed!
This weekend we are off on a sabbatical of sorts, quiet no phones, no internet,  no TV, good food, great friends and ocean breezes! Looking forward to spending time with Him, surrounded by His beauty, looking through my camera lens!

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  1. good hearing from you. Have a great time! Lysje and Albert