Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Rarely do I feel like an enormous weight is pushed off my shoulders but today life just seems lighter. I have for many years worked with the visually impaired. It has been a great job and I love reading and writing braille. But over my head was the lack of the elusive piece of paper. This last year I decided to upgrade and finish for good as the braille code had changes in 2007 and I had finished in 2005. Little did I know when I was thinking all this through the commitment it would take. So since September of last year I went back to the school of braille LOL.
I devoted most weeks, 6 days a week to braille, or should I say six nights. I worked at school by day and in the mornings before work and after work, and almost every weekend, I sat at the computer and the desk brailling and editing. Today I have NO braille to do....I am done!
It seems somewhat surreal as I can't remember what I used to do in the evenings. Complain about Jussi watching the TV too loud? I know there is a stack of books I am waiting on, my music, my spanish lessons and then it will be spring.
I am so thankful for all my friends and family that were praying for me especially these last few weeks as I worked on the final piece of the puzzle. I needed a 96% to pass and that had me so testy and emotional.  With a husband that did all the post dinner clean up and extras I was able to concentrate on braille and pulled off a 99%. I keep repeating done, done, done, and I still pinching myself...tonight after dinner I have plans and tomorrow and this weekend so really next week it will set in and I can hardly wait, that is if I can wipe the smile off my face!

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