Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Thy Neighbour

It came to me today as I was trying to study for a final exam, that my I needed to love my neighbours. By the time I was contemplating loving them was about the same time I was contemplating running up the road and screaming. Our neighbours do not live right next door, they actually live about 50 acres away, but some days it is too close.
During the summer the parties are so loud we need to close our windows
They regularly crash vehicles outside our driveway and then walk home, leaving us to call the police to help look for the driver.
They toss beer tins out the window of the vehicle in the dozens per month. (Probably the reason they can't drive down our straight road without hitting a stump? extra income)
Once one of the young men was hitch hiking because he needed a ride to work, he reeked of something more than cigarettes and I needed to air out my vehicle, before allowing my students to get in, but it makes me smile.
Each time I have encountered our neighbours affectionally known as the trailer park boys. (They live in travel trailers in a spare lot on a acreage with other RV's.) They ask how I am doing, and I see them at the bus stop in the morning, at the mailbox and I missed something, the mission field is in our neighbourhood.

I know I need to pray for them but sometimes they are tough to love. When I say it out loud I realize that God is smiling and saying "Yes Colleen, it would be easy to love people who are kind and gentle and giving, but I am asking you to love those that are difficult to love.
Today as I tried to finish the final touches on a exam, I was interrupted with target practice shooting. Now we do live on acreage but please my Sunday afternoon was far from quiet. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG

I am so thankful that there is grace because today I failed. I seriously wanted to drive up there and tell them to go and find a gravel pit in the middle of no where but instead I felt convicted. Said husband also reminded me of what Jesus said in Matthew.
Matthew 5 v 46 
If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?

Great so now I was being compared to the tax collectors. When we are wronged our first reaction is often anger or experience the "get even"mindset. Instead Jesus asked us to do good to those that have wronged us, our desire should not be to keep score, but to love and forgive. Ouch! Only God can give me the strength to love as He does.  Today as the loud bangs rang over and over, I know frustration was the starting point but the ending point was completely different. Lord teach me to love like you! 

I will keep you posted and if you have a spare moment would appreciate your prayers that I will learn to love my neighbours and reach out in a new way. It is not going to be easy! 

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