Monday, January 24, 2011

Praying for Sonia...we won't cease and we won't rest...

Normally I would not reprint an entire blog but by permission from a dear friend who daily and nightly I may add tends to this little sick baby and many others at GLA. Please join me and praying for Sonia and for the details to get her to the states for medical care. Please tell your prayer chain, and let others know...thanks Colleen

My three month old baby, Sonia, is sick, critically sick. Today, she was sicker than she has ever been. She was unstable, even on CPAP, and I feared for her life. 
She is a sweet, alert, contented baby when she is well. When she is not, she fights and flails and roars angrily, until her puffy eyes bulge. Today, the battle for breath sent Sonia into combat mode. 'Sonia, enough!' I pleaded, from across the room, as a nurse tried to adjust the prongs in her nose. Hearing the command, Sonia stopped fighting, and turned, fixing her gaze on mine. What does that tone mean, Miss Susan, she seemed to ask? I think I better pay attention to you......
Pay attention she did, following me through a 120 degree angle, as I crossed the NICU floor. Oh my! 'Ladies,' I declared to the nurses and nannies, 'my girl is really bright!'
'She is not October's child!' Madame Bernard replied. 'October's children are not intelligent.'

'Pardon? What do you mean by that? October's child? Do Haitian's call all people born in October, dim?'

Monday's Child is fair of face,
Tuesday's Child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe.....

My heckles were up. Sonia probably has Down syndrome. I am determined that she will not be cast under any sterotype.
'No, Susan,' the nurse replied, patiently. 'I meant that babies born in October of last year aren't really doing anything intelligent, yet.'
'Sonia wants to hold her bottle,' Someone said. I nodded, beaming with pride. That's usually the work of a 5 month old, not a 3 month old!
As we talked, I was changing Sonia. Her arms were inside her sleep suit, so that she would not mess with her nasal prongs while I did that. Suddenly, thorough the arms holes, out pop both of Sonia's arms! At what age do babies learn that? We all laughed! Sonia does this consistently. She can also remove mittens that are taped on to her!
'She is October's child' I told the nannies. 'With lots of spirt!' someone added. At the end of this rough day, I am hearing Sonia's monitor alarming, even though it is not, and I know I will be hearing it in my sleep.

I love this little lady, who needs a passport and US medical visa, as a matter of absolute urgency so that she can receive life-saving surgery and medical care that cannot be provided in Haiti.

In my heart, I feel confident that this will happen 'in time' for Sonia. I have an assurance, as inexplicable as it is absolute, that God has a plan for Sonia, that includes, life, hope and a future. I believe that her 'spirit' is God-breathed and that it will sustain her.

Update: Dixie posted an update on her page about how Sonia is doing health wise. You can read it at Update on Sonia. I thought I’d take a few minutes and update you on the “hunt for a hospital.” Actually, it’s a hunt for 3 docs and a hospital because we need all three doctors in the same area, a medical facility and a host family.
So what’s the latest? Well, here’s a couple of things that have transpired since Friday in a search for a medical solution for Sonia……
  • A number of the medical facilities that were looking at Sonia’s case are continuing to look into it further. Only one hospital, to the best of my knowledge, so far has actually said, “No, we don’t have it in our budget.”
  • There were at least four more major children’s hospitals that agreed to take a look at Sonia’s records and see if it was a case that they could take today. In addition, another major medical center who we had been talking to last week opened up some significant “doors” toward a review of Sonia’s case.
  • In addition to that, a couple of more opportunities in terms of a private plane presented themselves.
To make it completely clear, we are still working on it, we do not have solid commitments from anyone at this point. We have a lot of interest and I firmly believe that it’s enough interest that God will open the appropriate door at the appropriate time.
So, what do we need you to do?
  • Pray – pray for Sonia’s health, pray for Susan and Dixie and the Haitian nursing staff as they work to keep her healthy enough to travel.
  • Pray for the administrators and doctors at the various hospitals (well over 10 of them are seriously considering the case) that they would be moved to take her case.
  • Pray that the door will open for a private plane to transport Sonia to the states.
  • Pray that all passport and visa issues would be resolved speedily.
If you think that you have personal contacts at a children’s hospital that might be able to help, please get in touch with me at (616) 884-8901 or before you contact them. In order to increase our chances of getting a hospital to agree to take Sonia, we need to make sure they are not getting “pestered” (and I use that term in a positive sense) from many different angles.

Reprinted with permission

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