Monday, February 21, 2011

Over the Moon....God why I am always amazed...

We have been so blessed after the most amazing night of sharing by our church family and their heart for missions. Missions today is not only those that go to the far corners of the earth but those that serve here, there and everywhere.
Last night we had the awesome opportunity to share and host a missions night., The theme was to ..see what God was stirring in the hearts of our family..

Knowing that God had orchestrated the amazing group He had set before me, I still was nervous, and wanted everything to be just right. I prayed Lord please give me twenty people, and then sunday morning I was reminded to go bigger and I said I would be over the moon, if 40 people came. Well as you have probably guessed, God desires to blow our minds. At one point I looked out and started to count and after I got to forty and still had part of the centre of the church and the entire group on the right hand side,  I could only smile, stop counting, say a prayer of thanks and allow the blessings to make my heart expand in gladness.

I hate it when I limit God, and then HE reminds me, the moon should be the limit. That when I put a ceiling on things, God shows me that I set my sights too low. The sermon on Sunday was so cool, I can't possibly capture it all, but the main theme, was Jesus set the bar and ever since, we have been resetting it and settling for what comes.

Jesus said in John 14 "Ask me for anything in my name," and He said this after setting the bar, with miraculous healings, loaves of bread that fed thousands and signs and wonders of God incredible power within Him. We all have that same power, the Holy Spirit lives in us, and as we walk out our daily lives we can use it.  Just because the standard that we see isn't happening in accordance to our prayers, the opportunity is there, it is for everyone, to see miracles and be the hands that raise the dead, heal in Jesus name.

Listening to the fellow speakers last night I was so blessed and humbled, and touched at the sheer beauty of God's light shining through them.  The light in their eyes, the ache their voices shared, and the tremor in their voice as they shared about the sheer size of the issues facing marginalized people, and especially children around the world . It was so powerful.

Thanks for opening the eyes and the hearts to those that came last night. To Pastors Ken and Eunice for supporting and praying for all that wanted prayer for their future, for  wisdom, discernment and knowledge to follow God's lead and His place for them in the Great Commission.

Christine for sharing about her love of Africa and the incredible power of one...Lisa for sharing about life as child on the mission field and that of a MK leaving Africa to the harsh Canadian winter, and her desire to pray for missionaries...Gene for sharing about local missions and the ability to find your place here, no matter what your age is..Steve for sharing about India and Nepal and how God has called him into ministry and Supply Line..Brenda for sharing about the Dalit women in India and one of the world's most vulnerable people groups...Ruth for sharing about being senders...those incredible solid rocks that hold those of us that go up daily in prayer, in letters and care packages...Randy for sharing about the travesty that is facing our young women today in Canada and in North American, the tragedy of child trafficking, incompressible when compared to the young women we all know and love...For Jussi for sharing about the injustice of children being actively engaged in combat in over 30 countries, accounting for 250,000 children that have been kidnapped from the safety of their families.
Yes It was a night to remember, and I am humbled at the future that God has entrusted into the hearts of those I am blessed to call my friends.

Join me in keeping all of these stories on the radar...
Child Soldiers - Check out ZeroForce

Pray for the Dalit families in India

Allow your hands to be part of what God is doing around the world

A letter when you are away from home is a like a long distance hug

He is the potter and I am the clay...

Isaiah 64.8
Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.

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