Thursday, February 3, 2011


Still struggling with the power of prayer. I know, without a doubt that God can and will move mountains to protect the children of the worlds. What I struggle with is why He has not yet? Every child that lives in poverty or abuse or in hunger is completely innocent, and born into the culture of their birth will all the ancestral baggage. Now don't get me wrong I believe these children are also born into the riches of HIS glory, and as sons and daughters of the KING. I just wish the barometric pressure of fair was fair. I believe in many things, God is not always fair but He is always just. There are some that believe He allows things to happen and others that believe that HE lets things happen. I am not here to argue questions of who is to blame, I wish I was here to fix the world's atrocities being committed to children but I am not. I am here because it says in his word to care for the orphans and children, the sick and the poor, the oppressed and the captives. That I can do. IT is my desire to see signs and miracles move in the area of legislation and politics in countries where children are not protected. To see a difference in one life, to have faith like Davids'. I want to slay lions in His name in prayer and intercession, in politics and world affairs. I want to be a person of prayer. I want to call in my inheritance and believe in the things I cannot see.....

Pleas join in me in praying for all the children of the world!

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  1. Linda mensagem Collen. Eu sempre tenho acompanhado teu blog aqui do Brasil.

    Fica tu com Deus!

    If you need something that is within my reach, so I can do.