Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is the Day the Lord has made....

It seems to me that it is easy for many of us to wake up and rejoice in another day that we are alive. I know for myself I think some days I would rather stay in bed. Some days I have a pity party before I even get up and wonder why I can't be somewhere else, living my life on the mission field. Today was one of those days. I spend hours and hours reading books, watching documentaries and researching opportunities to go. Funny thing is, maybe every time I get the urge to look up opportunities and that is often, I should draw into HIM. I should read the word instead of hearing the daily plights of life in Uganda for child soldiers, life in Sudan for women with hiv/aids, life for babies and children in Haiti. I am not ignorant to the needs. Oh my soul, I wish I could sing it is well, then I remember the circumstances of when it was written and I need to snap out of it and praise and rejoice and be thankful. I live in a land of abundance, a land of beauty and a land where safety nets are available, where law is kept and we have freedoms and a democratic government. So I need you to be my accountability partners and check in with me and make sure I am spending as much time researching opportunities to serve as I am in the word and in prayer. God give me the strength I need to filter my thoughts and energies for Your will. As a side note if you know of books, videos or websites I may be interested in, please pop them into the comments, I always want to learn more.
Rejoice today, throw on some worship music, pray that spring is around the corner and that GOD will use in 2011 in a way that you did not see, imagine or ever hope for. I am....

Psalm 118:24 KJV This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. 

See the accent on the "is". Stay in the moment...don't look too far ahead...I am preaching to me now!

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  1. many days I feel the same way. We can pray for each other, hows that! Lysje