Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines day reminds me...

Valentines Day reminds me about love, chocolate, roses, funny cards and the take your wife out for a nice dinner evening thing. That kind of Valentines Day was in our youth and early dating years. Now we celebrate with purchases of storage solutions! WAHOO! Yep you guessed it, two Rubbermaid cupboards for the deck to store things and two tall pantry cupboards and a laundry drawer for our laundry room. Nothing says love quite like storage solutions.Okay so I am a sentimental gal, and I can be wined and dined with roses etc. But get me organization and my heart sings. Now Jussi always gets leery around celebrations where there may quite possibly be an expectation. He never plans in advance, well Kelsey used to help with that, but normally he arrives home on Valentines Day and says we weren't doing anything for today were we? Ha Ha he makes me lol, too late if we were, the surprise you got me something doesn't have the same value when he comes home and then jumps back in the vehicle to run to town to buy something simply for the sake of buying something. So why try and beat that, decide before "the day" what I would really like. This year it was a toss up between storage solutions and a vacuum. Now I can hear a few people guffaw out loud, yes I would like a vacuum too, but not because I use it, because he does. We need a new one but I am consumer shopper and have not found the deal I am waiting for. 

So as we head into Valentines Day I am so thankful for all that we have, thankful that my husband doesn't think roses and fancy dinners are worth it, (I like my own cooking ) and that he understands my need for order. Now all my new cabinets cost way more than roses or dinner so it is not about being cheap it is about knowing me. To know me is to love celebrate Valentines Day with family, friends, your kids, coworkers or neighbours. Let someone in your world know you appreciate them just the way they are.  Just because this is his favourite picture....I love you!

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  1. Hey Coll, always love your sharing... I don't always comment but I follow you quite closely. This,as usual, was wonderful. Bless you and your new storage! Love you just the way you are too! Rebes