Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As God Speaks

Do you ever wonder if God is speaking to you, do you wonder if the thoughts that go through your head are from Him or if it is wishful thinking or not for you? I know sometimes I struggle with the "Is it you God its me Colleen". I know that is different when I am in prayer, begging God to take me back to the mission field, that if I heard a remote 'yes" I would be convinced and pack and go LOL.
But ultimately how do we differentiate between God speaking to us and what I usually refer to as my conscious or the little person my shoulder. I know I talk to Him through prayer. Prayer being the easiest way that I can think of to commune with God, to run things past Him, to talk honestly and openly. I am not an eloquent prayer person, once at the table I said goodbye, instead of amen. I think I was simply talking to God. Back to my first question though, how do I know when he answers or speak to me?

On Thursday night I was at a prayer meeting at church and instead of praying in song and walking and pacing and interceding as I normally do, I found myself in a quiet corner with my journal. When I opened my journal and bible I expected God would show me where He wanted me to read and pray.

I started writing because I had thoughts running though my head and I wondered at first if it was a verse I was remembering, if I was supposed to concentrate on a specific topic but I chose to write down as I understood the thoughts that filled my head. After twenty minutes of writing like crazy trying to keep up  and put them on paper. This is what I had wrote down. (without capitals when necessary and any punctuation) Exactly as I heard it.

As God speaks...
Favor is for you and thine alone
I will give you peace strength and hope
As you wander through your days, look to me
Open your eyes and see
No longer must you worry and fret
For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory
The heavens will cry out at the sound of my name, but my desire is to hear you sing and praise
Laughing and calling our the joy that you have in your hearts
When times are still and you hear my sweet whisper
That is the testimony of my  love for you
No one will ever love you life I do
As you humble yourself in prayer I hear your cries
Your spirit is burdened for heaviness in your heart
But as you commit to a life of faith
The rocks will cry out with sounds of triumph and rejoicing
The burdens that consume you will stay but I will never leave you
As we walk through life's journeys together
I see in you, the glow of mine eyes
The way you see out the lost broken and hurting
Know the tears you cry are healing another's soul
As grace rains down and mercy flows like a waterfall
I commit to bathe you in my protection
For the witness I have called you to be
Salvation lies in you.

 God spoke to me while I was not expecting it, but open to receiving it. I am so blessed to be loved by my Abba Father. I am so thankful that He speaks to me and that I can speak to Him.
If you have anything troubling you, talk to Him, there is a reason we call him Wonderful Counsellor, no couch or notepad but peace that surpasses all understanding.
I feel God wanted me to share this word, so I am not sure who or when it will encourage someone but know as I do that we stand  in the shadow if a God that is unchanging!

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